Wednesday, May 8, 2013

8 Group Buying Websites

If you're into bargain hunting, group discounts, and the like, look no further... the following are some of the group buying websites here in the Philippines.

You can get as much as 90% discounts on services, food items, gadgets, products, vacations, exciting activities, concerts, movies, etc. What's more, some are transferable so you can give it as a gift.

But wait, don't just buy anything and everything on discount, you have to be responsible in checking items or services that you are going to buy, for all we know it's all about marketing.  Read the fine print, surf the internet for the actual price, call to double-check if there really is such a promo with concerned services or products or company involved, check validity, check inclusive dates, etc.  Be careful in buying stuffs in the net especially the big ticket items.  Surf the net for reviews not just about the group buying website but also the one giving you the services or products.

Check out the following group buying websites in the Philippines.

1.  Ensogo
2.  Metrodeal
3.  Cashcashpinoy
4.  Groupon Philippines or Beeconomic
5.  Dealgrocer
6.  MyDeluxeCity
7.  PinoyGreatDeals
8.  OkayOkay

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