Friday, September 4, 2015

Filing Pag-Ibig Fund Multi-Purpose Loan

I recently filed a loan through Pag-Ibig Fund. Since it's more convenient for me to go to their Kamuning Branch (near GMA) and it is where my contributions are being remitted by my employer, that's where I did my filing.  Here's what I did.

1.  Get your Pag-Ibig Membership ID.  All your transactions with Pag-Ibig Fund will be requiring this. To get your Pag-Ibig Membership ID (MID), you can register online via or you manually register by visiting Pag-Ibig branch near you.

If you did your registration online, you have to print your Member's Data Form (MDF) and wait for the notification via text if you can already get your Pag-Ibig MID. You need to present your MDF to the one printing the Pag-Ibig Membership ID (MID).  If you have a Pag-Ibig MIB then you can skip this.

Online registration is I think much faster than having to register manually which is what I did.  If I had known that it can be done online I would have registered online.

2.  Go to the nearest Pag-Ibig Fund branch and get a print-out of your contribution or the Home Development Mutual Fund Employee Statement of Accumulated Value.  In Pag-Ibig Kamuning I was able to get my print-out by getting a number for Contribution Validation and waited my turn.  This is where I found out the number of contributions that I have and if all my previous employers were already validated by Pag-Ibig.  This is where I found out that even if the number of my contributions are enough, one of my previous employers are not yet in my records.  It could be that because I worked in Makati, then moved to Quezon City that this has happened or something happened along the way.  This is quite normal.  The person gave me a form and let me sign a request to consolidate all my contributions from my previous employers.  It will take 2 to 3 or more weeks for them to consolidate this.  Since I have enough contributions to allow me to file a loan I didn't wait for the consolidation, although I filed for one since I am already there.  Of course my loan will just be based on the validated contributions.

If you're sure that your contribution

3. You need to accomplish the Multi-Purpose Loan Application Form (MPLAF).  If employed, you need to have this signed by your employer.  Also, you need to have two witnesses sign the form.  You can download it from the website or you can get it from the Pag-Ibig branch.  I got mine from the branch when I had my MID done manually.

4.  Make sure that you have photocopies of two VALID IDs. Bring the two valid IDs with you when you submit your application.

5.  Prepare proof of income.  I requested for my one month payslip (authenticated).

6.  I filed my loan application (submitting items 3, 4, and 5) to Pag-Ibig Fund Kamuning branch. I got a number for Multi-Purpose Loan and waited in line for my number to be called.  The one processing the loan just asked for the original IDs that I have photocopied and with a few clicks my loan was approved.  One thing though, since I don't have an ATM payroll account indicated, she gave me a form to open a Lanbank HDMF Cash Card so that Pag-Ibig will then deposit the loan amount through that facility.  I was ushered to the booth of Landbank and was instructed to go back to the processing officer once done.

7.   Getting a Landbank HDMF Cash Card was easy.  I just accomplished their form for opening a Cash Card. They gave me the ATM Card and have it photocopied (2 copies) along with my two Valid IDs (including the back side).  I submitted the photocopies with my three signature for each copy. Then, they handed me the PIN for the Landbank HDMF Cash Card.

8.     I went back to the Multi-Purpose Loan Processing Officer and she gave me a slip of paper that indicated when to expect the loan (after two weeks).