Friday, April 19, 2013

8 Steps in Renewing your Driver's License at SM North Edsa

I just renewed my driver's license last March at SM North Edsa located at the G/F Northlink Building.  My license has expired two years ago (almost!) that I decided to renew it before I would have to go through all the process again of taking the exam and doing the actual driving.

Before getting your driver's license, you have to undergo a drug test and medical exam at ATMA JAYA Drug Testing Center which is beside the LTO Driver's Renewal Center..  

The following are the steps that I went through in getting my driver's license.

1.  Fill-in forms for drug testing/medical.  Make sure you fill-in all blanks with check marks on it.  There are several pages, check all the pages so you wouldn't have to be called again just to fill-in something you forgot.     The forms are attached to the clipboard with a pen.  You will be asked to attach your expired license with the forms.  Submit the forms and wait for your name to be called.  You will be called to pay the amount of 450 (inclusive of drug test and medical exam).  You will then be asked to wait for your name to be called again.

2.  You will be called again for your picture to be taken and for recording of some information into their system.  After that they will ask you to wait again.

3.  I noticed that at this point, they will either ask you for your urine or do the medical exam part.

  • Medical exam part - The personnel will ask you to sign a form;  then check on your weight; have you look at a monitor, with some distance, and read some letter or numbers interchangeably covering your left eye or right eye and ask you a few questions.
  • Drug test part - The personnel will ask you to sign 3 strips of masking tape beside the personnel's signature.  One strip will be attached to a container where you are supposed to put your urine.  If you are not ready to urinate, you can buy water there.
4.  It depends on whichever comes first, your name will be called again either for the Medical Certificate and/or the result of your drug test.  After that, you can proceed to LTO Driver's Renewal Center.

5.  Fill-in forms for renewal of license.  You have to use your own pen here.  They don't provide pens for signing their forms.  Submit the form to the personnel with your Medical Certificate, receipt of Medical Exam and results of the drug test.

6.  You will be called for the picture taking.  I suggest you wear something with collar and make yourself presentable, it's your driver's license anyway.

7.  You will be asked to pay the applicable fees.  Mine is Non-Pro = PhP567.63  [License Fee = 350, Penalty = 150 (75 per year), and Computer Fee = 67.63).

8.  Lastly, you will be called again for the release of your New Driver's License.

Of note:  
  • The drug test/medical exam takes more time than the actual renewal of license.
  • Bring your own pen so that you don't have to borrow from ATMA JAYA Drug Testing.
  • Wear something with collar or make yourself presentable for the picture taking.
  • ATMA JAYA Drug Testing is open on Saturdays but the LTO Driver's Renewal Center is open only from Monday to Friday.
  • Bring extra money if you need to buy water or if you need to have your lunch there.
Note:  No more drug testing is required for license renewal.