Friday, October 18, 2013

Best OPM Motivational Songs

There is a vibe that you get listening to music that invigorates and motivates you.  It lifts your spirit up and make your day an exciting adventure.  Such is the way I feel when I listen to these 8 wonderful songs that motivates and lifts my soul.

Top 8 OPM Motivational Songs (not in any particular order)    

1.  You've Got the Power by Randy Santiago, Gino Padilla & Juan Miguel Salvador

2.  Sige Lang by Quest

3.  Mangarap Ka by After Image

4.  Mga Kababayan ko by Francis Magalona

5.  Umagang kay Ganda by Ray-an Fuentes & Tillie Moreno

6.  Kaya Natin Ito (various artists)

7.  Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan by Bamboo

8.  Patuloy ang Pangarap by Angeline Quinto

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quezon City Occupational Permit in 8 Steps

Get an Occupational Permit in Quezon City in 8 Easy Steps.

1.  Get your Cedula

2.  Get NBI Clearance or Police Clearance

3.  Order of Payment (Mayor's Permit)
Go to the Basement of Civic Building B (located at the back of the Quezon City Hall Main Building -ask the security officers)  and show your Cedula and NBI Clearance or Police Clearance.  The evaluator will give you the Order of Payment for the Mayor's Permit/ Occupational Permit.

4.  Order of Payment (Health Card/ Medical Certificate)
It is just beside the table of the Occupational Permit Order of Payment.  The evaluator will give you the Order of Payment for the Health Fee.
5.  Payment
Go to City Treasurer's Office Miscellaneous Fees Division (you have to exit the building, it is near Land Bank) and pay the following:

Mayor's Permit:  PhP 150
Picture:  PhP 20

You can also pay the required fee for the Health Card.

6.  Occupational Permit Application Form
Go back to Basement of Civic Building B and show your Cedula, NBI Clearance or Police Certificate and your Occupational Permit and Medical Certificate receipts.  The evaluator will attach your documents with the Occupational Permit Application Form.  You need to fill-in the Occupational Permit Application form and submit everything to Counter 9 or 10 located in the Ground Floor of the same building.

7.  Picture Taking
After submitting your documents in Counter 9 or 10, your name will be called for the picture taking.  Note that sleeveless top is not allowed.

8.  Releasing
Congratulations, your name will be called for your Quezon City Occupational Permit.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting a Medical Certificate/ Health Card in Quezon City

In Quezon City it is required to get an Occupational Permit and to get that one needs to show their Cedula NBI Clearance or Police Clearance and pay for the Medical Certificate Certificate/ Health Card.

Here are the steps in getting your Medical Certificate/ Health Card at Quezon City.

1.  Order of Payment.
Go to the Basement of Civic Building B (located at the back of the Quezon City Hall Main Building -ask the security officers)  and just say you are getting a Medical Certificate/ Health Card.  The evaluator will give you the Order of Payment for the Health Fee.

2.  Payment
Go to City Treasurer's Office Miscellaneous Fees Division (you have to exit the building, it is near Land Bank) and pay the following:

Health Fee:  PhP 50
HIV Seminar Fee:  PhP 50
Laboratory:  PhP 94

3.  Laboratory Examination
Go to the Quezon City Health Department located along Kalayaan Avenue within the Quezon City Hall Compound (near NBI Clearance Satellite Office/Red Cross Building).  Submit for laboratory examination, sputum and stool, and wait for the results.

You will show your receipt and they will give you forms to fill-up.  You will then submit the forms and the receipt along with your specimens.  Then, they will give you a slip that indicates when you can get the results.  They will return the receipt with the results.

Note:  Bring stool and sputum.

You can also have your laboratory done at accredited diagnostic centers around Quezon City.  I chose to have it here at Quezon City hall because it's way cheaper though not that convenient since the lines could be long and if you would drop by in the afternoon you will get the results the next day.  Accordingly, you can only schedule your HIV seminar when you get the results of the lab test and paid the required fee.  I suggest you submit your stool and sputum for laboratory in the morning to get the results in the afternoon.

4.  Get the Laboratory Results
Go to the Quezon City Health Department as scheduled and show them the slip and an ID.  They will give the results (with your receipt) and have you sign their logbook.

6.  HIV Seminar
Ask for the table where they schedule the HIV Seminar.  It is a requirement in getting your Medical Certificate/ Health Card.  Most likely the schedule to be given is for the next day.  They don't give schedule for the given day.  You will show the results of your lab exam and sign their schedule sheet.

Go to the Quezon City Health Department as scheduled.  HIV Seminar is held on the 3rd floor.  You must come on time since they lock the door when the seminar starts.  They will get your receipt and results of your laboratory test.  You have to indicate if your work is Food or Non Food and you have to indicate this at the back of your receipt.  You will sign beside your name on the schedule sheet.

As you are seated you will be asked to fill-in a form which will then be encoded and written on your Medical Certificate/ Health Card.  You will return this form but a slip with a number will be left with you.  This will be used later for the picture taking.  You will also sign an attendance sheet.

The seminar is short and no dull moment.  The facilitators/speakers are funny and really knows what they are talking about. They have a good system from having the HIV Seminar to getting your Health Card, so be early to get your Medical Certificate/Health Card early too.

7.  Picture Taking and Verification of Information
After the HIV Seminar, you will be asked to go to the 2nd floor.  Your number will be called as indicated on the slip given during the HIV seminar for picture taking and for you to check if the information encoded is correct.  Correction made after printing is P50 so make sure all information are correct.

8.  Getting of Health Card/ Medical Certificate.
This is in the 1st Floor of the same building where you had your HIV seminar.  You will return the slip used earlier and wait for your name to be called.

You will be asked again to check the information on your Medical Certificate/Health Card if it is correct.  They will give you the Medical Certificate/ Health Card with your receipt and results of your laboratory exam.  You will then sign again their log book.

Your Health Card/Medical Certificate is valid for the current year and can be renewed for another 2 years.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Steps in getting NBI Clearance at Quezon City Hall

As part of the requirements in getting an occupational permit and in preparation for my passport renewal, I applied for an NBI clearance.  The nearest, most convenient and strategic place where I can get my NBI clearance is in Quezon City Hall.  It is specifically located at the front of the Red Cross Building near Kalayaan Avenue-side of Quezon City Hall Compound.

Here are the steps in getting NBI Clearance in Quezon City Hall:

1.  Documentation
Prepare/bring a photocopy of  a valid ID (i.e. Driver's License, SSS ID, passport etc.).  Give this to the person who is in charge of handing out the NBI Clearance Application Form.

There are photocopiers around so don't fret if you don't have a photocopy of your ID.  Of course make sure that you have your original ID on hand if in case you need to show it or have it photocopied.

2 and 3.  Payment & Filling-in of application form.
It depends what time you will go to the NBI Satellite Office in Quezon City Hall, if you would go there morning expect heavy crowd, but if you go there in the afternoon it is more likely that the number of people is significantly few.  Look for the right line and ask for the person in front of you if he/she is lining for payment.

While waiting for your turn to pay do multi-tasking and fill-in your application form.  Give accurate and complete information so that you will eliminate "hits" which may prevent you from getting your NBI clearance on that day.  Bring your black pen and make sure you write in "PRINT".

Payment for NBI Clearance varies depending on the purpose.  I paid PhP115 with the purpose of "travel" You will have 2 documents on hand at this point, your NBI Clearance application form and your Official Receipt

4.  Encoding
Here, your task is to make sure that the encoder correctly encodes/types your information on the computer.

You will hand in your NBI Clearance Application form and show the receipt but this will be given back to you after encoding.

5 and 6.  Biometric and photo.
You will be asked to have your photo taken and/or your fingerprints electronically be scanned.  Note that if you wear a sleeveless top you will not be allowed unless you have a long hair and you can wear it down to mask your being in sleeveless top.  An alternative is use or borrow blazer, a jacket or a pashmina scarf.

You will hand in your NBI Clearance Application form and show the receipt but this will be given back to you.

At this point you will be given instructions  if you need to come back at a certain date to have your NBI Clearance released (it means they need more time to sort out your information because you have "hit/s") or if you can proceed to the Printing and Releasing section.

7 and 8.  Printing and Releasing.  Submission of NBI Clearance Application form and Official Receipt.
You will wait for your turn for them to print your NBI Clearance.  They will get your application form and  shred the official receipt.  I don't know why they don't return the Official Receipt.

NBI Satellite office in Quezon City Hall is located across the Red Cross Building.
"Hit/s" is having a similar name who happens to have a pending criminal case or "you" have a pending criminal case.

General Observations and Recommendations
1.  It's hot in there.  For your protection bring water and fan.

Given the volume of people getting their NBI clearance, I hope that provisions for humidifiers or air coolers can be provided.  If not I hope that they would construct the covered area with a higher ceiling for air to flow more freely.

2.  The lines are long.  Bring a book or ask someone to fall in line for you for the next step.  Go there after lunch or around 2 pm.

I suggest a "number system" should be implemented.

Note: There is a new system of getting an NBI clearance starting 2014... will update in a new post the new system.  Thanks.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Quezon City Party Venue (Clubhouse)

1.  Acropolis Club House (E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave):  633-1937, 634-5057
2.  Corinthian Garden Clubhouse (Ortigas):  633-0914, 633-0923, 634-7280
3.  Filinvest II Clubhouse (Commonwealth):  937-7683
4.  Magnolia Place Clubhouse (Tandang Sora):  964-5594
5.  Mapayapa Village Clubhouse (Commonwealth):  427-0684
6.  Greenmeadows (Greenmeadows):  637-3311, 637-3399
7.  Greenwich VIllage Clubhouse (Corinthian Gardens):  633-1729
8.  Philam Homes Clubhouse (Philam):  928-4098, 926-7944

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quezon City Party Venue (Garden-Inspired)

1.  Blue Gardens Venue (Commonwealth):  430-5982
2.  Casa Camba (New Manila):  412-4115, 371-1098, 372-9755
3.  Fernwood Gardens: (Sanville):  925-0020, 926-2493, 426-0968, 426-0633
4.  Gazebo Royale (Visayas Avenue):  920-6503 and 04, 455-2035
5.  Grand Terrace Events Venue (Commonwealth):  932-7407, 932-7408, 931-3707
6.  Light of Love (Santol St):  714-3871 
7.  The Secret Garden (Novaliches):  935-8195
8.  Windmills & Rainforest (South Triangle):  425-1120, 928-8855