Friday, October 18, 2013

Best OPM Motivational Songs

There is a vibe that you get listening to music that invigorates and motivates you.  It lifts your spirit up and make your day an exciting adventure.  Such is the way I feel when I listen to these 8 wonderful songs that motivates and lifts my soul.

Top 8 OPM Motivational Songs (not in any particular order)    

1.  You've Got the Power by Randy Santiago, Gino Padilla & Juan Miguel Salvador

2.  Sige Lang by Quest

3.  Mangarap Ka by After Image

4.  Mga Kababayan ko by Francis Magalona

5.  Umagang kay Ganda by Ray-an Fuentes & Tillie Moreno

6.  Kaya Natin Ito (various artists)

7.  Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan by Bamboo

8.  Patuloy ang Pangarap by Angeline Quinto

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