Monday, November 25, 2013

Renewing Driver's License at SM North Edsa (Updated)

My friend renewed her driver's license at SM North Edsa and this time without the drug test.  I renewed mine last March and posted the steps last April (click here) but this was before the drug test was taken out of the process.  It took her less than an hour to renew her license probably because she went there early.

Here's the updated steps in renewing driver's license at SM North Edsa LTO Satellite Office:

1.  Present old license at Window 2 and get a form from the Medical table.
2.  Submit the form Pay the Medical fee (PhP 100). A staff will give you a number and the receipt for the Medical Fee
3.  While waiting for your number to be called, fill out the form Medical Certificate for Driver's License
4.  Your number will be called for your medical test: vision and hearing acuity 
5.  While waiting for your name to be called, fill out Driver's License Application form
6.  You will be called for your electronic signature and for picture taking/capturing (Window 1).
7.  You will be called again for payment of driver's license fee (Cashier)
8.   At this point you will wait again for the release of your Driver's License and Official Receipt.

Some things to take note of (some are taken from my previous article entitled "8 Steps in Renewing your Driver's License at SM North Edsa")
* Medical exam part - The personnel will check on your weight; have you look at a monitor, with some distance, and read some letter or numbers interchangeably covering your left eye or right eye and ask you a few questions.
*  Bring your own pen.
*  Wear something with collar and make yourself presentable.
*  Priority is given to Senior Citizens, PWDs
*  If SM North Edsa Satellite Office is offline, go to another LTO Renewal Center especially if your license is near expiry to prevent penalties or re-applying and re-doing all the tests...

Please see latest update in Comments Section by Mr. Rey Nocum.  Thank Sir.
Will re-post/update this next year when I renew again my license.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What we can do to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda

1.  Donate money - Don't say that you don't have any because you do.  You can skip a tricycle ride and walk. Skip a lotto game.  Skip that merienda or just have a biscuit for your merienda.  Skip that internet load on your cell.  Any amount will do.

There are legit private, public or non-governmental organizations that accept donations for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.  Even malls have kiosks to facilitate any donations in cash or in kind.

2.  Share your time - Volunteer to help in the re-packing of goods.  There are many people donating food, medicines and other essential stuffs that people are needed to segregate such items so that it can be distributed fast.

3.  Sell your unused stuffs, an old book, an old bag, old clothes or anything that you haven't used for a year and will not be using in the next few months.  It's almost the end of the year, now is the best time to declutter and organize your stuffs.  Get a percentage of that or get everything from that for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

4.  If you have tons of friend on Facebook or a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram, you can ask your friends and social friends to pool some resources to donate.  Or if your friends have already asked your help, join and help.

5.  You own a company or you're one of the decision makers of your company and you have the resources to help out, use these resources may it be in kind or in service (i.e. logistics).  Share a truck/van/bus/car/helicopter service for a day.  If you manufacture food/products, donate an hour's worth of production.  If you own a branch, why not use your one day's profit to donate like some restaurants I know are doing.  With ingenuity and creativity we can do something to help.

6.  If you have relatives or you know people abroad, seek their support.

7.  If you have the talent and you know people like you that have the talent for singing, dancing, or doing comedies, etc. why not organize a fund raising event.  Or maybe you're in the medical field and you can help out and share your talent and time, why not do so.

8.  PRAY.  If you don't have any or you're not one of the above then please say a prayer.  Prayers are powerful and in times like these, we need all the prayers that we can get. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Best OPM Motivational Songs

There is a vibe that you get listening to music that invigorates and motivates you.  It lifts your spirit up and make your day an exciting adventure.  Such is the way I feel when I listen to these 8 wonderful songs that motivates and lifts my soul.

Top 8 OPM Motivational Songs (not in any particular order)    

1.  You've Got the Power by Randy Santiago, Gino Padilla & Juan Miguel Salvador

2.  Sige Lang by Quest

3.  Mangarap Ka by After Image

4.  Mga Kababayan ko by Francis Magalona

5.  Umagang kay Ganda by Ray-an Fuentes & Tillie Moreno

6.  Kaya Natin Ito (various artists)

7.  Basta't May Plano Kaya Mo Yan by Bamboo

8.  Patuloy ang Pangarap by Angeline Quinto

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quezon City Occupational Permit in 8 Steps

Get an Occupational Permit in Quezon City in 8 Easy Steps.

1.  Get your Cedula

2.  Get NBI Clearance or Police Clearance

3.  Order of Payment (Mayor's Permit)
Go to the Basement of Civic Building B (located at the back of the Quezon City Hall Main Building -ask the security officers)  and show your Cedula and NBI Clearance or Police Clearance.  The evaluator will give you the Order of Payment for the Mayor's Permit/ Occupational Permit.

4.  Order of Payment (Health Card/ Medical Certificate)
It is just beside the table of the Occupational Permit Order of Payment.  The evaluator will give you the Order of Payment for the Health Fee.
5.  Payment
Go to City Treasurer's Office Miscellaneous Fees Division (you have to exit the building, it is near Land Bank) and pay the following:

Mayor's Permit:  PhP 150
Picture:  PhP 20

You can also pay the required fee for the Health Card.

6.  Occupational Permit Application Form
Go back to Basement of Civic Building B and show your Cedula, NBI Clearance or Police Certificate and your Occupational Permit and Medical Certificate receipts.  The evaluator will attach your documents with the Occupational Permit Application Form.  You need to fill-in the Occupational Permit Application form and submit everything to Counter 9 or 10 located in the Ground Floor of the same building.

7.  Picture Taking
After submitting your documents in Counter 9 or 10, your name will be called for the picture taking.  Note that sleeveless top is not allowed.

8.  Releasing
Congratulations, your name will be called for your Quezon City Occupational Permit.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting a Medical Certificate/ Health Card in Quezon City

In Quezon City it is required to get an Occupational Permit and to get that one needs to show their Cedula NBI Clearance or Police Clearance and pay for the Medical Certificate Certificate/ Health Card.

Here are the steps in getting your Medical Certificate/ Health Card at Quezon City.

1.  Order of Payment.
Go to the Basement of Civic Building B (located at the back of the Quezon City Hall Main Building -ask the security officers)  and just say you are getting a Medical Certificate/ Health Card.  The evaluator will give you the Order of Payment for the Health Fee.

2.  Payment
Go to City Treasurer's Office Miscellaneous Fees Division (you have to exit the building, it is near Land Bank) and pay the following:

Health Fee:  PhP 50
HIV Seminar Fee:  PhP 50
Laboratory:  PhP 94

3.  Laboratory Examination
Go to the Quezon City Health Department located along Kalayaan Avenue within the Quezon City Hall Compound (near NBI Clearance Satellite Office/Red Cross Building).  Submit for laboratory examination, sputum and stool, and wait for the results.

You will show your receipt and they will give you forms to fill-up.  You will then submit the forms and the receipt along with your specimens.  Then, they will give you a slip that indicates when you can get the results.  They will return the receipt with the results.

Note:  Bring stool and sputum.

You can also have your laboratory done at accredited diagnostic centers around Quezon City.  I chose to have it here at Quezon City hall because it's way cheaper though not that convenient since the lines could be long and if you would drop by in the afternoon you will get the results the next day.  Accordingly, you can only schedule your HIV seminar when you get the results of the lab test and paid the required fee.  I suggest you submit your stool and sputum for laboratory in the morning to get the results in the afternoon.

4.  Get the Laboratory Results
Go to the Quezon City Health Department as scheduled and show them the slip and an ID.  They will give the results (with your receipt) and have you sign their logbook.

6.  HIV Seminar
Ask for the table where they schedule the HIV Seminar.  It is a requirement in getting your Medical Certificate/ Health Card.  Most likely the schedule to be given is for the next day.  They don't give schedule for the given day.  You will show the results of your lab exam and sign their schedule sheet.

Go to the Quezon City Health Department as scheduled.  HIV Seminar is held on the 3rd floor.  You must come on time since they lock the door when the seminar starts.  They will get your receipt and results of your laboratory test.  You have to indicate if your work is Food or Non Food and you have to indicate this at the back of your receipt.  You will sign beside your name on the schedule sheet.

As you are seated you will be asked to fill-in a form which will then be encoded and written on your Medical Certificate/ Health Card.  You will return this form but a slip with a number will be left with you.  This will be used later for the picture taking.  You will also sign an attendance sheet.

The seminar is short and no dull moment.  The facilitators/speakers are funny and really knows what they are talking about. They have a good system from having the HIV Seminar to getting your Health Card, so be early to get your Medical Certificate/Health Card early too.

7.  Picture Taking and Verification of Information
After the HIV Seminar, you will be asked to go to the 2nd floor.  Your number will be called as indicated on the slip given during the HIV seminar for picture taking and for you to check if the information encoded is correct.  Correction made after printing is P50 so make sure all information are correct.

8.  Getting of Health Card/ Medical Certificate.
This is in the 1st Floor of the same building where you had your HIV seminar.  You will return the slip used earlier and wait for your name to be called.

You will be asked again to check the information on your Medical Certificate/Health Card if it is correct.  They will give you the Medical Certificate/ Health Card with your receipt and results of your laboratory exam.  You will then sign again their log book.

Your Health Card/Medical Certificate is valid for the current year and can be renewed for another 2 years.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Steps in getting NBI Clearance at Quezon City Hall

As part of the requirements in getting an occupational permit and in preparation for my passport renewal, I applied for an NBI clearance.  The nearest, most convenient and strategic place where I can get my NBI clearance is in Quezon City Hall.  It is specifically located at the front of the Red Cross Building near Kalayaan Avenue-side of Quezon City Hall Compound.

Here are the steps in getting NBI Clearance in Quezon City Hall:

1.  Documentation
Prepare/bring a photocopy of  a valid ID (i.e. Driver's License, SSS ID, passport etc.).  Give this to the person who is in charge of handing out the NBI Clearance Application Form.

There are photocopiers around so don't fret if you don't have a photocopy of your ID.  Of course make sure that you have your original ID on hand if in case you need to show it or have it photocopied.

2 and 3.  Payment & Filling-in of application form.
It depends what time you will go to the NBI Satellite Office in Quezon City Hall, if you would go there morning expect heavy crowd, but if you go there in the afternoon it is more likely that the number of people is significantly few.  Look for the right line and ask for the person in front of you if he/she is lining for payment.

While waiting for your turn to pay do multi-tasking and fill-in your application form.  Give accurate and complete information so that you will eliminate "hits" which may prevent you from getting your NBI clearance on that day.  Bring your black pen and make sure you write in "PRINT".

Payment for NBI Clearance varies depending on the purpose.  I paid PhP115 with the purpose of "travel" You will have 2 documents on hand at this point, your NBI Clearance application form and your Official Receipt

4.  Encoding
Here, your task is to make sure that the encoder correctly encodes/types your information on the computer.

You will hand in your NBI Clearance Application form and show the receipt but this will be given back to you after encoding.

5 and 6.  Biometric and photo.
You will be asked to have your photo taken and/or your fingerprints electronically be scanned.  Note that if you wear a sleeveless top you will not be allowed unless you have a long hair and you can wear it down to mask your being in sleeveless top.  An alternative is use or borrow blazer, a jacket or a pashmina scarf.

You will hand in your NBI Clearance Application form and show the receipt but this will be given back to you.

At this point you will be given instructions  if you need to come back at a certain date to have your NBI Clearance released (it means they need more time to sort out your information because you have "hit/s") or if you can proceed to the Printing and Releasing section.

7 and 8.  Printing and Releasing.  Submission of NBI Clearance Application form and Official Receipt.
You will wait for your turn for them to print your NBI Clearance.  They will get your application form and  shred the official receipt.  I don't know why they don't return the Official Receipt.

NBI Satellite office in Quezon City Hall is located across the Red Cross Building.
"Hit/s" is having a similar name who happens to have a pending criminal case or "you" have a pending criminal case.

General Observations and Recommendations
1.  It's hot in there.  For your protection bring water and fan.

Given the volume of people getting their NBI clearance, I hope that provisions for humidifiers or air coolers can be provided.  If not I hope that they would construct the covered area with a higher ceiling for air to flow more freely.

2.  The lines are long.  Bring a book or ask someone to fall in line for you for the next step.  Go there after lunch or around 2 pm.

I suggest a "number system" should be implemented.

Note: There is a new system of getting an NBI clearance starting 2014... will update in a new post the new system.  Thanks.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Quezon City Party Venue (Clubhouse)

1.  Acropolis Club House (E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave):  633-1937, 634-5057
2.  Corinthian Garden Clubhouse (Ortigas):  633-0914, 633-0923, 634-7280
3.  Filinvest II Clubhouse (Commonwealth):  937-7683
4.  Magnolia Place Clubhouse (Tandang Sora):  964-5594
5.  Mapayapa Village Clubhouse (Commonwealth):  427-0684
6.  Greenmeadows (Greenmeadows):  637-3311, 637-3399
7.  Greenwich VIllage Clubhouse (Corinthian Gardens):  633-1729
8.  Philam Homes Clubhouse (Philam):  928-4098, 926-7944

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quezon City Party Venue (Garden-Inspired)

1.  Blue Gardens Venue (Commonwealth):  430-5982
2.  Casa Camba (New Manila):  412-4115, 371-1098, 372-9755
3.  Fernwood Gardens: (Sanville):  925-0020, 926-2493, 426-0968, 426-0633
4.  Gazebo Royale (Visayas Avenue):  920-6503 and 04, 455-2035
5.  Grand Terrace Events Venue (Commonwealth):  932-7407, 932-7408, 931-3707
6.  Light of Love (Santol St):  714-3871 
7.  The Secret Garden (Novaliches):  935-8195
8.  Windmills & Rainforest (South Triangle):  425-1120, 928-8855

Monday, September 30, 2013

Quezon City Party Venue (Swimming Party/ Pool Party)

Having a party or just a place to celebrate anything from Baptism, Wedding and other Anniversaries around Quezon City?  I'm starting a series of listings on party venues in Quezon City.

If you are looking for a place to have your pool party or swimming party, check this out:

1.  Ace Water Spa (Del Monte Avenue):  367-8040 to 41, 367-8061 to 62
2.  Aurora Ville Resort (Novaliches):  930-5980, 936-6475
3.  FSS Place Resort (Tierra Evelina):  951-8085, 664-7546, 331-3354
4.  Gloful Resto Grill and Resort (Novaliches):  391-8295, 454-8823
5.  Mifana's Place (Novaliches):  936-7081
6.  Patio Jose Resort & Restaurant (Matahimik St. cor V.Luna Avenue):  436-5466
7.  Remedios Resort (Novaliches):  391-1612, 921-5182
8.  The Secret Garden (Novaliches):  935-8195

Note:  Above information are subject to change without notice.  Please let me know if links aren't working or or information above is incorrect.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Essentials when you have a 2-year-old kid on a day out.

1.  Food - this include a day's milk supply and snacks.
2.  Water - for drinking and for milk
3.  Clothing - minimum of 2 sets of clothes.
4.  Diaper - minimum of 2 with each having their own plastic for disposal.
5.  Wipes and bib
6.  Fan
7.  Toys
8.  Utensils

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big-sized Pizza Delivery Around Metro Manila

1.  Big Guys Pizza:  584-6702, 655-8244 (Libis), 921-5791 (Visayas Avenue), 983-0770 (Novaliches)

2.  Calda:  726-7344 (N. Domingo), 421-0908 (Katipunan) 

3.  D & D's Pizza Express:  711-4247

4.  Di' Marks:  932-5888 or 932-7888 (Commonwealth), 376-2828 or 376-5858 (Tomas Morato)

5.  El Buono:  409-4588, 791-8647

6.  Jugno's:  387-0898, 466-1919, 408-0204 (Quezon City)

7.  Monster Pizza: 401-3355, 925-8977

8.  PizzaVille:  386-0000, 227-7665, 346-0845

Note:  I have indicated telephone numbers in Quezon City.  Telephone numbers of areas around Metro Manila maybe available.  Check their individual links and call them to check their locations.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Food Delivery (Lechon) Around Quezon City

1.  Elar'z Lechon:  721-0000
2.  Federico's Lechon:  586-1389, 546-1793, 411-7642
3.  Jiro's Lechon:  433-1621, 433-6298, 0918-5209455
4.  Lydia's Lechon:  939-1221, 851-2988, 939-4665
5.  Manong's Lechon:  703-2133, 0922-2819406
6.  Mila's Lechon:  788-7831, 502-9680, 0925-88-MILAS
7.  Ryan & Ryan's Lechon Baboy & Baka:  415-8609, 377-8034, 0917-4001344, 0939-3533897
8.  Sabroso Lechon:  515-8253, 515-8259, 357-0659

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Food Delivery (Cakes) Around Quezon City

1.  Cake2Go:  411-1371, 428-3657, 720-5985
2.  CherryBlossoms:  775-2200, 407-3008
3.  Chocolat:  355-9121 (Sgt. Esguerra), 928-9304 (Xavierville)
4.  Conti's Pastry Shop & Restaurant:  900-5013 (Trinoma), 646-3306 (Katipunan), 961-0866 Robinsons Magnolia  
5.  Gateau de Manille:  0917-833-8622, 437-8622
6.  Goldilocks:  888-1-999
7.  Kink Cakes:  345-3023, 475-7802
8.  Red Ribbon:  8-7777

Food Delivery (Pizza) Around Quezon City

1.  Angel's:  922-2222
2.  Carlo's:  332-4134
3.  Greenwich:  5-55-55
4.  Papa John's:  990-7272, 709-0217 (Visayas Avenue); 921-7764, 921-8423 (SM Fairview); 921-7272, 921-7590, 09275432998 (Tomas Morato); 921-8263, 921-8321, 09157919023 (SM North Edsa)
5.  Pizza Hut:  911-1111
6.  Sbarro:  920-7000 (SM North), 709-2442 (Eastwood)
7.  Shakey's:  77-777
8.  Yellow Cab:  789-9999

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Emergency Hotlines You Should Know

Last night my friend had an emergency and asked me to call for help.  Their house, which was near an electric post, lost electric power.  The electric post which was being maintained by Meralco sparked and something went wrong that my friend's house and almost the whole apartment where they are staying lost power.  It came to a point that they have to leave their home and the whole street was enveloped with a suffocating smell of burnt something.  Good thing that the firetruck, courtesy of their barangay, and their neighbors had the right frame of mind and helped by spraying fire extinguisher to the said electric post.

Back at home, I had to look for the emergency number of Meralco to help my friend.  Unfortunately, I had to dig into my directory and electric bill at home and did not have the correct and working number of Meralco.  I had to surf the net to finally able to get the Emergency Hotline of Meralco which was 16211.  I dialed their number and was answered by a machine telling me of their SMS Messaging hotlines 0920-9716211 for Smart and 0917-5516211 for Globe.  The machine also mentioned their Twitter.

I had the number, that was great but it took a while for me to send my message to their number because I was kind of shaking and I am not a "text" person.  In my mind, I was failing in this exercise, but this time it is real.  Anyway, Meralco answered back and that's good but again through text only asking me the scope of the effect, the name of the person registered with Meralco, the exact address and the account number.  What the ____?!  I mean, Meralco, can you please call me so that I can give you an immediate answer so that you can respond ASAP!  I was dialing their number but it just kept on ringing.  This was between 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Also, I am just helping my friend out, do you need to ask me immediately those questions?!  This is disappointing!  I understand if Meralco wants those information but can they please call me.  I then realized what will happen if I went through the same ordeal and I don't have that information on hand.  So guys, those of you who are reading this, please get these kinds of information on hand.

Here is a list of Emergency Numbers You Should Know (via landline).  Note:  Mostly Metro Manila, Quezon City numbers.

a).  Electric Power Hotline (Meralco Emergency Hotline:  16211, Meralco SMS Messaging Hotline 0920-9716211 for Smart and 0917-5516211 for Globe, Meralco Twitter)
b).  Manila Water Company: 1627
c).  Maynilad Water Services:  1626

a).  PLDT:  688-2700 (when using PLDT), 888-8171 (for non-PLDT users)
b).  Bayantel:  412-1212, 633-1111, 449-3000
c).  SMART:  888-1111
d).  Globe:  730-1000
e).  Sun Cellular:  395-8000

a).  Barangay Hotline (Quezon City)
b).  Fire Department:  117, Quezon City - 928-8363, 928-3074
c).  Bantay Bata:  163
d).  DSWD:  931-81-01 to 07,  951-7119  

a).  National Disaster and Risk Reduction & Management Council:  911-1406, 912-2665, 912-5668, 911-1843
b)  Bureau of Fire Protection (NC):  117, 729-5166, 410-6319
c)  Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) flood control:  136, 882-0925
d)  Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA):  433-8526
e)  PHIVOLCS:  Trunkline: (02) 426-1468 to 79, local 124/125 (emergency), Text/call: 0905-313-4077 (globe)
f).  DSWD:  931-81-01 to 07, local 426 (Disaster Response Unit)  

a).  Philippine National Police (PNP):  117 or send TXT PNP to 2920
b).  Non-Emergency Police Response  

a)  Red Cross:  143, 527-0000, 527-8385 to 95
b)  Ambulance Assistance:  117

a)  Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Metrobase:  Trunkline: 882-4150-77 loc. 337 (rescue), 255 (Metrobase), Metrobase: 882-0860, 136
b).  North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) hotlines:  3-5000 and 580-8910
c).  Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) hotlines:  (0920) 96-SCTEX (72839) (traffic hotline) or (045) 459-0522
d).  Skyway System Hotline:  776-7777, 0917-539-8762 (globe), 0999-888-0893 (smart), 0932-854-6980 (sun) 
e).  South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) hotline:  0917-6877539 (globe), (049) 508-7509, (02) 584-4389

a)  Philippine Coast Guard:  527-3877, 527-8481, 0917-724-3682 (globe), 0917-PCG-DOTC (globe)

Please leave a comment for non-working or inaccurate numbers.  Information here are subject to change without prior notice.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lost TESDA CARS (Competency Assessment Result Summary/Temporary Certificate

If you lost your TESDA C.A.R.S. (Competency Assessment Result Summary or your temporary certificate, you have to do the following:

1.  Contact your training center or school or assessment center where you had your NC or COC assessed and request from them a hard copy of RWAC (Registry of Workers Assessed and Certified)
2.  Prepare "Affidavit of Loss"
3.  Go to any TESDA Division Office.  See the link for TESDA QC Division Office.
4.  Submit the RWAC and the Affidavit of Loss.
5.  Bring 1 pc. picture (passport size, white background, neutral expression, with collar and the picture must be printed on a chemical-based photo paper)
6.  Your name will be called to pay the PhP 50 fee.
7.  You will be asked to wait for them to print your certificate and put your picture on it.
8.  Your name will be called for you to receive your National Certificate/Certificate of Competency along with the receipt of the PhP 50 fee.  They will ask you to sign their logbook as well.

Before leaving TESDA Division Office, make sure that the information in your National Certificate (NC) or Certificate of Competency (COC) is correct.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What items should be in your emergency kit?

Here in the Philippines, one must be prepared for any event.  An emergency kit or survival kit might be handy with the hope that we won't be able to use it.  Supplies that one needs should last 3 to 5 days as hopefully by then, we would have been rescued or safe to go out and reach out for help.

I think it's important to have the following items in the emergency kit:

1.  Water (bottled)- The recommended is 1 gallon of water that is safe for drinking per person.  It is also better if we could get a hold of water purification tablets, the recommendation is 1 tablet per person, per day.

2.  Food - Store food items that are non-perishable like easy-to-open canned goods, easy to open canned juices, hard candies, crackers, etc.

3.  Clothes (thermal wear) - Shirts (long & short sleeves), socks, jackets, pants, etc

4.  Tools & Gears:

a)  A key chain with the following items attached to it:  Swiss Army Knife (a handy multipurpose tool), a handy but strong flashlight (with extra batteries), and a whistle which can help one to call for help.
b)  Plastic bags - large garbage bags (to put stuffs and garbage or improvised rain coat) and resealable bags
c)  Rope (not nylon)
d)  Extra-batteries
e)  Candles & matches or lighter

5.    Personal Effects:

a)  Toiletries - toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, tissue, diapers, sanitary napkins, hand towels, comb etc.
b)  Umbrella.

6.  Money and Documents:

a)  Cash - loose change (in a plastic envelope or resealable plastic)
b)  Identification Cards (like passport)
c)  List of important information (SSS number, Philhealth number, etc)
e)  Important documents (Birth Certificate, Land Titles, etc)

7.  Communication:

a)  Battery-operated radio
b)  Cellphones
c)  Power banks

8.  First Aid kit:

a)  Alcohol
b)  Bandage
c)  Mosquito repellent
d)  Hydrogen peroxide
e)  Cotton/ cotton buds
f)  Adhesive tape
g)  Disposable gloves
h)  Thermometer
i)  Medicines - paracetamol/mefenamic, loperamide, antacid, maintenance drugs etc.

Note:  Keep in mind that these are only suggestions and should not be completed at once.  Don't panic buy.  Whenever you have money try to put something that you think is important in your emergency kit.  Put it in a waterproof container.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Suggestions to Ease the Traffic in Metro Manila

I'm a proud Pinoy!  I am applauding Filipinos who are helping themselves, being part of the solution and trying to think and do ways to try and test new ideas for the benefit of the masses rather than those who won't give chances but are mostly complaining and not following through with their complaints.

If I would be given the chance to change the rules of traffic to help ease the flow of traffic around Metro Manila, here are my suggestions.

1.  What if we make the office hours of certain offices/industries in different shifts, in that way traffic rush can be minimized.  I suggest that some offices, depending on the industry, would have a shift from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Example:  Government offices, retail companies (not just malls) can have the shift from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; while advertising agencies, research agencies and the like could work from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.; meanwhile manufacturing companies can work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2.  There should be designated buses that are "terminal to terminal" only and reservations can be done online.  Schedule of the departure of trips should be strictly followed, although arrival time may vary.  Example (SM North Edsa to SM Makati with no drop-offs in between).

3.  Ban private vehicles from plying MAJOR thoroughfares if the only person inside the car is the driver unless it is an emergency (to be determined).  In that way, the owner of the car will find a way to share the road with a family member, a relative or a friend going to the same direction.  Note:  the companion or passenger should not be paying any fare.  I am suggesting this because I think having a passenger will lessen the volume of commuters, reinstitute the value of sharing and hopefully having a companion while driving will lessen the possibility of accidents.

4.  Barkers who usher commuters to ride jeep or buses for specific routes should be given a different role or abolished.  In the first place, commuters can read or ask the bus conductor if they have questions, barkers don't have to bark at commuters to ride specific routes. They don't add value to the commuting public nor the transport system, instead buses and jeeps are forcibly indebted to them.  Some of them even cause trouble to the bus or jeep that do not follow their "rules".

5.  I suggest that rather than ask traffic violators to pay penalties, why not penalize traffic violators with community work like cleaning the streets or "esteros", planting a number of trees and doing social work at the place where the violation took place especially if they are repeat offenders/violators.  The objective is for the violators to pay using their "time" rather than money so that there would be a lasting effect of the "penalty".  If they won't complete the task given, then their license won't be renewed on their next renewal schedule until such time that they complete their task.  This should also be implemented to commuters.

6.  JICA identified 3 main causes of traffic in 1999, namely:  bad driving habits, inadequate traffic enforcement and poorly coordinated infrastructure projects.

My suggestion for inadequate traffic enforcement.  We have so many laws, implement everything or make things simple.  Lawmakers, help!

7.  My suggestion for poorly coordinated infrastructure projects.  Coordination is the keyword here.

8.  My suggestion for bad driving habits - change driving habits that are bad.  Identify and change it.

I don't know why, but when I went to Davao and Palawan, although there are no traffic signals in every corner, the traffic is so smooth there.  People are just generally kind and are letting and giving way for other vehicles to pass.

In other parts of the country, taxi cabs are giving exact changes and whenever there is a senior citizen passenger, they would deduct 20% automatically to their fare even if the cab is full and not all are senior citizens.

It's just sad that here in Metro Manila generally (not all), drivers are just thinking about the "money" and getting through.  I know of a few who would put their hard earned money to gambling or casino after a day's work.  Is it the right kind of habit?

What I am saying is, we should all take part in changing the nation by changing ourselves, our behavior and attitudes.  Yes, a single peso is worth a lot to those who have none, but out of greed, that peso won't make anyone change their economic status.  So why not, let it go and live a life with a happy conscience.

I for one is making sure that whenever I cross the road, I am where I should be, the pedestrian lane.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Quezon City Bars With Live Performances

The following is the list of Quezon City bars/restaurants with live performances.  Please do call, check them out, read their reviews all over the net or visit their websites.  This is just a list that I compiled from the internet.  Although I have visited some of them, I am not familiar with some.  I am also not affiliated to any of them.  Their details could change without prior notice.

1.  BKB Black Kings Bar
Unit 101 West Life Building, 107 West Avenue, Quezon City
Telephone:  0917-8432708

2.  Conspiracy Garden Cafe
59 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City
Telephone:  920-6517, 453-2170

3.  Freedom Bar
2nd Floor Anonas Commercial Complex, 3 Anonas Road, Project 3, Quezon City
Telephone:  0917-9037124, 0919-8144885

4.  Ka Freddie's Bar
120 Tomas Morato St. Quezon City
Telephone:  0920-9548451

5.  Metro Concert Bar
47 West Avenue, Quezon City
Telephone:  412-6514, 374-7505

6.  Moomba Bar & Restaurant1810 Mother Ignacia Street Corner Roces Avenue
Telephone:  371-1973, 373-8427

7.  Padi's Point Restaurant & Bar

G/F Araneta Coliseum Arcade, Araneta Center, Cubao, QC

375 Quirino Highway, Sangandaan, Novaliches, Q.C

Philcoa3rd floor, Femar Arcade Philcoa 34 Masaya St. Diliman, Quezon City 

Robinson's Novaliches
JT 001 Robinson's Novaliches Market, Quirino Hi-way Novaliches, Q.C.

SM North Edsa

Sky-Garden, SM North Edsa, Quezon City332-2794

Tomas Morato
G/F Century Imperial Suites, T. Morato, Q.C. 


8.  Route 196 Bar
196-A Katipunan Avenue Extension, Blue Ridge A, Quezon City.
Telephone:  439-1972

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun Things To Do at Quezon City Memorial Circle (QCMC)

1.  Ride the Zip Line - Forty feet high and 200 meters long.  Before embarking on an exciting adventure of riding a longer and more thrilling zip line ride, why not test the waters and do it here.  This ride is open everyday (weekdays 11 am to 8 pm; weekends 8 am to 9 pm.  Fees: PhP 100 (1-way), PhP 150 (2-way).

2.  Visit the Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum - You wouldn't miss this museum at the center of the Quezon City Memorial Circle.  It houses the supposedly tomb of President Manuel Luis Quezon and his memorabilia.  It is free (donations are accepted) and open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday (8 am to 4 pm).

3.  Play -  Play at the Circle of Joy, a big playground where kids can run around and play with other kids.  Make sure that you keep your eyes on your kids all the time.  You can also bring your badminton or tennis sets or your volleyball to play with your friends.  You can also just jog around to check out the scenery.

4.  Paddle & Pedal Go Kart - Price ranging from 30 to 100 Pesos.

5.  Ride a bike at the Bicycle Station - Bike for an hour.  Before choosing a bike make sure that the breaks are working great.

6.  Dine at restaurants, eat street food or have a picnic - The food here is moderately priced so you can either bring your own food and have a picnic with family and friends.  There are also restaurants in the vicinity.

7.  Visit the tiangge stalls.

8.  Watch the dancing fountain (Circle of Lights).  It is nice to watch to cap the day with its colorful array of lights.

Note:  Prices are subject to change.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Quezon City Accommodations Below 1000 Pesos

If you are looking for a place to stay in Quezon City, where you will spend most of your time outside anyway,  I suggest you look for a decent place to spend the night at the most affordable rates you can find.  

You can try the following Quezon City hotel or apartelles with rates below 1,000 on a 24-hour stay with Aircon.  Please note that you should try to do some research over the internet or better yet call and check these guys out.  If you have a friend who lives in Quezon City, try asking them a favor if they can do some ocular inspection of the place.  

Here are some things that you should ask these budget-friendly hotels in Quezon City:

1.  Lowest price for an overnight stay for 1 to 2 persons.
2.  If they require a deposit upon check-in or if they accept credit card payments
3.  Amenities (TV, aircon, hot and cold shower, etc.)
4.  Wifi availability.
5.  Check-in and check-out time.
6.  Accessibility (banks, restaurant, malls etc)
7.  Transport near the area.
8.  If they require a reservation or if they accept walk-ins.

Budget-friendly accommodation in Quezon City (below P1000)

1.  One Mackinson Place
82 Road 3, Project 6, Quezon City
Telephone:  703-9041, 921-0541
Mobile:  0917-897-1627
Starts at PhP 450

2.  School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR)
School of Labor and Industrial Relations, Bonifacio Hall, E. Jacinto St. University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone:  927-8340.
Starts at P600

3.  Honey's West Apartelle
51 West Avenue, Quezon City
Telephone:  374-8981
Starts at PhP 800

4.  Park Vil-la Apartelle
1541 Quezon Avenue Cor. Examiner Street, West Triangle Quezon City
Telephone:  929-8618, 426-5497
Starts at PhP 800

5.  Haeinsa Condotel
23 Makisig St. Brgy. Pinyahan, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone:  407-0188
Mobile:  0923-872-9989
Starts at PhP 880

6.  Dangay Suites Apartelle
99-A Dangay St. Project 7, Quezon City
Telephone:  577-4224
Mobile:  0917-553-8558
Starts at PhP 896

7.  Eleganza Apartelle
41 Mindanao Avenue, Barangay Bagong Pagasa, Quezon City
Telephone:  425-0311 
Starts at P900

8.  Ramberry Hotel
90 Matatag St. Pinyahan, Quezon City
Telephone:  920-1099
Starts at PhP 950

Please note that I am not connected to any of these establishments.  Prices of the above establishments are subject to change without notice.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Calamansi: Power Drink

Every morning (at around 6:30 am to 7:00 am), I try as much as I can, whenever possible and available, to drink Calamansi.  This is my power drink.  Got the idea from Bo Sanchez, you can look him up and read his complete report on drinking Calamansi as one of his 52 Healing Habits.

Here are some things to remember when drinking Calamansi as your power drink:

1.  Drink Calamansi first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Why drink Calamansi on an empty stomach?  It is said to be an Alkaline food as long as it is not mixed with water.

2.  Slice the Calamansi (green one) at the side, so that you won't cut the seeds.

3.  Squeeze 8 Calamansi in a glass.  Why drink only 8 Calamansi and not the recommended 28 Calamansi?
Given my financial status, 8 Calamansi works for me right now so that I could drink it everyday.  If I drink the 28 Calamansi, I wouldn't be able to drink it everyday.  Note that the recommended daily Calamansi to take as your power drink is 28.

4.  Stir it with fork so the pulp of the seed will separate from it, remove the seeds using the fork and drink it straight.

5.  I go to work and I don't feel hungry until 10 am when I take a break. Why wait until 10 am to eat?
I wake up at around 6:30 am to 7:00 am and I would always be in a rush to go to work by 8:00 am.  It is recommended to eat after an hour but with the rush of going to work and doing work, I can only eat during morning break at 10 am.  Between those times I do not feel hungry and my energy level is above average as compared to having a heavy breakfast.

6.  I feel that my body is being cleansed because my metabolism is better.

7.  In the morning, I don't feel sluggish or sleepy, my energy level is great that even if I haven't had my breakfast, I don't feel that I need to eat something.

8.  I also noticed that even if the people at work have colds or cough every now and then due to certain virus or the changing weather, I don't catch the cold or cough.

Even if the stated benefits are incidental, I would continue to drink Calamansi everyday.  Please note that I am not enrolled YET in the 52 Healing Habits Program by Bo Sanchez.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Transfer BIR Registration (Individual) to a different BIR Regional District Office (RDO)

In the case of my doctor friend who works before in Manila and now has moved to Quezon City, she must update and transfer her BIR registration to the BIR RDO which has jurisdiction over her new business address.

To facilitate the transfer to the new BIR RDO, below is the checklist for TRANSFER PER REVENUE REGULATION NO. 5-2010).  Note that this checklist was given to her by a BIR RDO in Manila.

1.  Form 1905 and Annex A & B (Form for Transfer)
2.  Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (C.O.R.)
3.  Inventory of Unused Receipt
4   Transfer Commitment Form, duly notarized.
5.  Copy of Amended SEC/DTI Certificate (with the new address)
6.  Copy of proof of payment of Mayor's Permit from where the taxpayer is transferring his profession/business
7.  Barangay Clearance to operate in the new place where the business/practice of profession will be conducted.
8.  Board Resolution approving the transfer of business address (if applicable) or copy of lease contract executed for the new place of business (if applicable).

Please note that some forms can be found in the BIR website.

Please contact the nearest BIR in your place for inquiries and clarifications.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Claiming of TESDA National Certificate (NC II) / Certificate of Competency (COC)

To claim your TESDA National Certificate II (NC II)/Certificate of Competency (COC), you need to do the following:

1.  Go to any TESDA Division Office.  See the link for TESDA QC Division Office.
2.  Submit your Competency Assessment Result Summary (CARS).  This was given to you during your TESDA National Certification Exam.  It must indicate that you are "COMPETENT".
3.  Bring 1 pc. picture (passport size, white background, neutral expression, with collar and the picture must be printed on a chemical-based photo paper)
4.  You will be asked to wait for them to verify your records.
5.  Your name will be called to pay the PhP 50 fee.
6.  You will be asked to wait for them to print your certificate and put your picture on it.
7.  Your name will be called for you to receive your National Certificate/Certificate of Competency along with the receipt of the PhP 50 fee.  They will ask you to sign their logbook as well.
8.  Before leaving TESDA Division Office, make sure that the information in your National Certificate (NC) or Certificate of Competency (COC) is correct.

You can also read:

NC/COC Renewal Requirements

Courier Service in QC that process National Certificates (Tesda)

How To Go To Tesda Quezon City

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Quezon City is located at Bituan St. Brgy. Doña Imelda, Araneta Avenue, Quezon City (Telephone:  7110244 )

To go to TESDA QC coming from SM North Edsa, you can do the following:

1.  Ride a Quiapo route jeepney, ask the driver to drop you off at Araneta Avenue.
2.  Cross the street, where Jollibee and Sanctuarium is located.
3.  There is a Sta Mesa route Jeepney Terminal on the street beside the Sanctuarium.  Pay the fare in exchange for a token and give the token to the person in charge of the line.
4.  Look out for the Iglesia ni Cristo on your left, alight at the stop light next to Iglesia ni Cristo
5.  Cross the street where you can see the arch of Brgy. Doña Imelda.
6.  Walk straight until you pass by the Barangay Hall and Betty Go Belmonte Elementary School on your right.
7.  Turn left on the street after Betty Go Belmonte Elementary School.
8.  On your right, you will see the TESDA logo on the wall of the TESDA QC Building.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

8 Things I Love About Alcatel Sapphire 2

Here is a list of the things I love about my new Alcatel One Touch Sapphire 2.  I bought mine just last week.

1.  Dual Sim Phone - It is a significant factor when I decided to buy a new phone.  I needed a phone that has a dual sim capability.  I am using 2 different phones from two different providers.  I use one sim more for personal reasons and the other one for professional/business communication.  I noticed that I tend to take one for granted, meaning sometimes I would forgot one phone or forgot to charge it because I didn't use it for a few days.  Bringing two cellphones and all the peripherals that came with it is also not practical.  So I thought that a 2-in-1 phone, an Alcatel Sapphire 2, would really be a minimalist move.

2.  Smart Phone - The two cellphones I had before was one with the basic features (old model) and the other one is a smart phone with an old android system.  With my growing need to electronically organize and do more with a cellphone, choosing a model, Alcatel Sapphire 2, with a newer version of Android is a no brainer.

3.  Camera - I want a decent one that can take clear pictures and clear videos.  I was not disappointed with Alcatel Sapphire 2 at all, I even uploaded some pictures directly from my phone to Facebook.  It also has a panoramic mode.  It has a LED flash that acts as a flashlight and if you need to capture videos in a not so lighted venue then it can light up the scene.

4.  Sound - The speaker of Alcatel Sapphire 2 is loud and clear enough to enjoy the music.

5.  Video Playback - The screen is 4.5" and QHD 540 x 960 pixels so you can watch movies on the fly with Alcatel Sapphire 2.

6.  Battery - For a moderate user like me, I usually charge the phone every other day.  Sometimes I don't even turn off the WIFI and it can last up to 2.5 days.  I love that Alcatel Sapphire 2 has 1800 mAh unlike other phones with almost similar features.

7.  Speed - It's fast enough for me coming from a 600 MHZ CPU phone.  I am not a heavy gamer with my phone, but the games I've downloaded with Alcatel Sapphire 2 like Temple Run 2, Cut the Rope and others run smoothly.

8.  Physical Build - Well even if I still haven't bought a phone case, the Alcatel Sapphire 2 doesn't feel too fragile unlike some of the phones that I checked.  It seems sturdy.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

8 Eat All You Can Places in Quezon City (P300 up)

1.  Alba Restaurante Español (Tomas Morato - P650)
2.  Chinatown's Best Food = (Banawe P548)
3.  Dads (P625 to P695); Kamayan (P425); Saisaki (P580 to P655) - West Avenue
4.  Seoul Garden (SM North Annex - P545 to P645)
5.  Something Fishy (Eastwood - P469 to P549)
6.  Tong Yang (Eton Centris Walk Quezon Avenue & SM Fairview Annex - P399 to P585)
7.  Vikings (SM North The Block - P688 to P1088)
8.  Yakimix (SM North Edsa & Trinoma - P520 to 660)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

8 Steps in SSS Maternity Notification

My sister is pregnant for the second time.  She is a voluntary member of SSS since she is an overseas worker.  She sent me her documents to have the SSS notified of her pregnancy so that when the time comes she can avail of her Maternity Benefits from SSS.

As soon as you found out that you are pregnant better notify SSS as soon as possible.  Here are the steps in notifying SSS that you are pregnant and you will avail of your maternity benefit.

1.  Check your contributions.   You must have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceeding the semester of your expected date of delivery.
2.  Download/Fill in SSS Form MAT-1 (Maternity Notification).
3.  Fill in the form.  For OFWs or Voluntary Members, just answer Part I.  For employed, answer Parts I and II.
4.  Attach any medical proof (pregnancy test result, ultrasound etc) that you are pregnant.
5.  Go the nearest branch of SSS.
6.  Submit and have your MAT-1 stamped as "NOTIFIED".
7.  They will ask you to sign a logbook.
8.  Your MAT-1 will be given back to you and you will need to include this when you submit the requirements for reimbursement.

1.  Every time you transact with SSS, bring your SSS ID and an extra ID issued by the government.
2.  If you are a representative, bring an ID issued by the government and the ID of the one you are representing.  Also, don't forget an authorization letter so that you won't have any problems.
3.  This is what I did when I went to SSS - Del Monte, Quezon City branch.

Monday, June 3, 2013

8 Power Saving Tips That You Can Do Today

Every month each household receives a billing statement from the electric company.  Each month we cringe, tremble and pray that this month's electric bill will be lower than last month.  We feel agitated with every  price increase and feel the weight of the world upon us each time we pay the electric bill.  Sometimes, we even totally ignore each due date and wait for the last notice before taking a look at what we ought to pay.

Electricity is a basic need and we should use it wisely to lower our costs and help save the environment.  There are things we can do now to save our consumption of energy at home.  Here are some useful power saving tips:

1.  Television
a.  If you have 2 or more televisions at home and you're watching the same channel anyway, why not just watch it in one television.  Not only do you enjoy the program that you are watching, you also get to enjoy watching it with your family.
b.  If you are watching TV and at the same time surfing the net, chatting with other people or doing other things all at the same time, why not turn off your television and focus with only one task.  In that way you get to finish what you're doing or you get to fully enjoy and understand what you are watching and at the same time you're conserving energy.
c.  Unplug your television when not in use, don't just turn it off using your remote.  If you only turn off your television using the remote control, there is still a trickle of electricity being used there.  Before you turn off your TV, lower the volume so that when you turn it back on, the surge of power in using the appliance is minimal.

2. Refrigerator
a.  Open only the refrigerator when needed and not often enough so as not to let the cool air escape maintaining the temperature.  Check if there are leaks and if the door is not properly shut tight.
b.  Defrost periodically to maintain its operating efficiency.  If the ice is too thick inside the freezer, it's usually time to defrost your refrigerator.

3. Washing Machine
Wash clothes in bulk to save both energy and water consumption.

4. Mobile Phones - Prolong battery life so as not to recharge every now and then.
a.  Turn off WIFI when not in use.
b.  Lower your backlight or display brightness
c.  Beware of allowing location or GPS request
d.  Manage power and avoid hungry applications.
e.  Remove unnecessary notifications
f.  Set screen timeout to the shortest length
g,  Turn off the vibration function
i.  Install power management application

5.  Aircons
a.  Only use aircon when necessary, use fans instead of aircon.
b.  Clean air filters every three months.  If you can learn to do it yourself, the better.

6.  Lighting
a.  Use CFLs.
b.  Turn it off when not in use.

7.  Computer
a.  Limit usage of your computer.
b.  Schedule the use of your computer.  Limit your daily use or monitor your usage.  If you constantly chat, check e-mails or communicate via social networking sites, try to limit it or schedule such usages, in that way you will be able to prioritize and minimize usage.

8.  Iron.   Iron clothes in bulk to save energy.

Can you add some more helpful tips to save energy?