Thursday, July 18, 2013

Calamansi: Power Drink

Every morning (at around 6:30 am to 7:00 am), I try as much as I can, whenever possible and available, to drink Calamansi.  This is my power drink.  Got the idea from Bo Sanchez, you can look him up and read his complete report on drinking Calamansi as one of his 52 Healing Habits.

Here are some things to remember when drinking Calamansi as your power drink:

1.  Drink Calamansi first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Why drink Calamansi on an empty stomach?  It is said to be an Alkaline food as long as it is not mixed with water.

2.  Slice the Calamansi (green one) at the side, so that you won't cut the seeds.

3.  Squeeze 8 Calamansi in a glass.  Why drink only 8 Calamansi and not the recommended 28 Calamansi?
Given my financial status, 8 Calamansi works for me right now so that I could drink it everyday.  If I drink the 28 Calamansi, I wouldn't be able to drink it everyday.  Note that the recommended daily Calamansi to take as your power drink is 28.

4.  Stir it with fork so the pulp of the seed will separate from it, remove the seeds using the fork and drink it straight.

5.  I go to work and I don't feel hungry until 10 am when I take a break. Why wait until 10 am to eat?
I wake up at around 6:30 am to 7:00 am and I would always be in a rush to go to work by 8:00 am.  It is recommended to eat after an hour but with the rush of going to work and doing work, I can only eat during morning break at 10 am.  Between those times I do not feel hungry and my energy level is above average as compared to having a heavy breakfast.

6.  I feel that my body is being cleansed because my metabolism is better.

7.  In the morning, I don't feel sluggish or sleepy, my energy level is great that even if I haven't had my breakfast, I don't feel that I need to eat something.

8.  I also noticed that even if the people at work have colds or cough every now and then due to certain virus or the changing weather, I don't catch the cold or cough.

Even if the stated benefits are incidental, I would continue to drink Calamansi everyday.  Please note that I am not enrolled YET in the 52 Healing Habits Program by Bo Sanchez.


  1. Thanks Cris for dropping by at my blog I've been drinking calamansi for more than a year now and i'm feeling great. haven't catch a flu for a long time, only mild colds but very rare. i encourage you to join Bo's 52 Healing Habits. Nice blog!!!

  2. hi sir how about ur teeth..ok pa din ba cya...kc medyo nakakangilo tlga...nde po ba nadadamage ung teeth mo??

    1. Yung sa akin hindi naman, after drinking, toothbrush ako agad then wait minimum of 30 minutes before eating breakfast.

  3. Replies
    1. What do you mean nakakababa ng dugo -- nakakababa ng blood pressure or blood count? All I can say is that it will help you absorb more nutrients in your body.

  4. Goodya Sir!
    mag tanong lng po, my anak ako 16months my sakit na bronco elng peraso pwd sa kanya ? salamat po and GOD Blessed

    1. Ako po may anak din na 3 years old naman, I suggest po kung ilan lang kaya niya.

  5. is this applicable sa mga lactating Mother?

  6. I suggest po subukan natin pero you could ask din po advice from your doctor just to be sure.

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