Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What items should be in your emergency kit?

Here in the Philippines, one must be prepared for any event.  An emergency kit or survival kit might be handy with the hope that we won't be able to use it.  Supplies that one needs should last 3 to 5 days as hopefully by then, we would have been rescued or safe to go out and reach out for help.

I think it's important to have the following items in the emergency kit:

1.  Water (bottled)- The recommended is 1 gallon of water that is safe for drinking per person.  It is also better if we could get a hold of water purification tablets, the recommendation is 1 tablet per person, per day.

2.  Food - Store food items that are non-perishable like easy-to-open canned goods, easy to open canned juices, hard candies, crackers, etc.

3.  Clothes (thermal wear) - Shirts (long & short sleeves), socks, jackets, pants, etc

4.  Tools & Gears:

a)  A key chain with the following items attached to it:  Swiss Army Knife (a handy multipurpose tool), a handy but strong flashlight (with extra batteries), and a whistle which can help one to call for help.
b)  Plastic bags - large garbage bags (to put stuffs and garbage or improvised rain coat) and resealable bags
c)  Rope (not nylon)
d)  Extra-batteries
e)  Candles & matches or lighter

5.    Personal Effects:

a)  Toiletries - toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, tissue, diapers, sanitary napkins, hand towels, comb etc.
b)  Umbrella.

6.  Money and Documents:

a)  Cash - loose change (in a plastic envelope or resealable plastic)
b)  Identification Cards (like passport)
c)  List of important information (SSS number, Philhealth number, etc)
e)  Important documents (Birth Certificate, Land Titles, etc)

7.  Communication:

a)  Battery-operated radio
b)  Cellphones
c)  Power banks

8.  First Aid kit:

a)  Alcohol
b)  Bandage
c)  Mosquito repellent
d)  Hydrogen peroxide
e)  Cotton/ cotton buds
f)  Adhesive tape
g)  Disposable gloves
h)  Thermometer
i)  Medicines - paracetamol/mefenamic, loperamide, antacid, maintenance drugs etc.

Note:  Keep in mind that these are only suggestions and should not be completed at once.  Don't panic buy.  Whenever you have money try to put something that you think is important in your emergency kit.  Put it in a waterproof container.



  1. on my own idea, it preferable to use a high visibility bag, like the one I saw in tripologie store and one good thing about it is the bag is made from a water resistant materials. another good thing is even in the dark the bag is highly visible. and in-case of disaster you are highly visible to rescuer.

  2. suggest ko lang sa part ng lighter, try niyo add yung wind proof lighter ng zippo.