Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unli Rice in Quezon City Malls

Unlimited Rice, Kanin All You Can,  Rice All you Can, Rice refillable... however we call it, it's a marketing tactic that we enjoy...

1.  Adobo Connection (Kanin All You can Meals Starts at PhP99)
SM City Fairview (703-2283), SM City Sta. Mesa (788-6470), Ali Mall (709-5582), SM City North EDSA (709-5284), Robinsons Magnolia (0926-733-5701)

2.  Chick-boy (Rice-All-You-Can starts at PhP99)
Jackman Plaza (236-0260), Shopwise Cubao (441-4741), Sunshine Blvd Plaza (376-4752),  E. Rodriguez Complex (383-5555 / 411-5555)

3.  Chicken Deli (Kanin All You can starts at PhP99) 
SM City North Edsa Annex, SM City North Edsa Foodcourt
4.  Karate Kid (Rice refillable starts at PhP99)  Trinoma, Waltermart Munoz

5.  Mang Inasal  (Unlimited rice starts at approximately PhP99)
Alli Mall, Cybermall Eastwood, Eton Centris, Jackman Plaza, Robinsons Novaliches,  Waltermart, Shopwise Cubao, SM North Edsa Annex, SM Novaliches, Trinoma

6.  Ramen X (Rice bowl starts at PhP99)  
Trinoma, Eton Centris

7.  Tokyo Tokyo  (Unlimited rice starts at approximately PhP99)
SM Fairview, Eastwood, Ali Mall, SM City North Edsa, Trinoma

8.  Yabu: House of Katsu
SM North Edsa, Robinsons Magnolia

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mobile Number Prefixes

Since I'm using a landline phone that has free call to Globe or TM, it is but fitting to know the correct prefixes not just Globe but all mobile phones.

Please see below the list of prefixes per provider:


0925 (now SUN)
0937 (ABS-CBN Mobile)





7.  SUN 

8.  OTHERS - Providers with a few prefixes assigned to them.  


Source:  here & wikipedia

If you want to view it in ascending order, here it is.

0813 - Smart
0817 - Globe
0905 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0906 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0907 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0908 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0909 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0910 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0912 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0915 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0916 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0917 - Globe
0918 - Smart
0919 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0920 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0921 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0922 - Sun
0923 - Sun
0925 - (Globe, now SUN)
0926 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0927 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0928 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0929 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0930 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text or Red Mobile
0932 - Sun
0933 - Sun
0934 - Sun
0935 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0936 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0937 - (ABS-CBN Mobile - Globe)
0938 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text or Red Mobile
0939 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text or Red Mobile
0942 - Sun
0943 - Sun
0946 - Talk ‘N Text
0947 - Smart
0948 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0949 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0973 - Express
0974 - Express
0977 - Next Mobile
0978 - Next Mobile
0979 - Next Mobile
0989 - Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0994 - Globe
0996 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0997 - Globe or Touch Mobile (TM)
0998 - Smart
0999 - Smart

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Globe Wimax Experience

I just recently availed the Globe Wimax 1099 Plan Bundled Plan (DSL + Landline).  I have chosen this service to replace almost two decades of wired landline service and half a decade of bundled DSL connection from a different provider.

I love my old provider because whenever there's a problem, it would only take a day or two for them to respond and I'm biased because I used to work for that same company for more than a year.  I was a loyal subscriber for that provider.

Why did I switch? One reason, price or the economics of it!  I have a mobile phone, all the members of my family also have a mobile phone and having a landline has become a luxury.

Why not just ditch the landline and not the bundled DSL connection from the same provider?  Because at the same price for a standalone DSL, I could have a DSL and a landline from Globe.

Some notes about Globe Wimax and their general service.

1.  It is better to apply online than go to Globe Service Centers/ Globe stores.
Sent my application one day then got an e-mail and call from Globe representative the next day.  All questions were answered.  All information were explained.

Sent my application online in 5 to 10 minutes (exaggerated) vs waiting in line to be called 1 hour or so (approximately).  Obviously it's way better to apply online.

2.  Application is easy.  Since I got all the requirements on hand when I got their reply, I took a picture and send the requirements via e-mail.  They immediately replied and scheduled a visit from their technical person to test and see if facilities are available and working.

The representative asked a few questions to verify and that's it, I had an impression that they do not waste time for me to have my service.

3.  Friendly staff and fast update.
Their technical staff/personnel would always call me for updates and explained the steps before installation.  If I have questions, I would e-mail or call the representative assigned to me.

I initially applied for a Globe DSL service because I believe it is more reliable,  besides I may have a future online business that may require a wired DSL service.  But since DSL is not currently available in my area and the only viable facility is the Wimax service, then that's good enough for me.  They told me that I can switch to DSL should it become available in the future.  I would have wished for an LTE service but it is also not available in my area.

4.  Installation was quick.
When they actually installed the actual modem and phone unit I was impressed because they called and sent a person first to inform us that they will install that day.

5.  Wimax internet is fast and signal was high (even without the antenna attached to the modem) in my area.
I used the online speed test which gave me a good result.

I appreciate the fact that I can bring this modem wherever I go, as long as there is a signal, I would be able to connect to the internet.  The installer even told me that this is used in buses and taxis that has wifi.  One time I brought it to a family event and was able to take advantage of a good internet signal.

6.  Landline or phone bundle is like using a landline and a cellphone but not be able to send text.
What I got is a phone unit and a sim card.  I actually have two number since I am basically using a Globe Duos-enabled sim (a landline number and a cell number).  I can bring this anywhere and use it to call Globe/TM numbers for free with a lock-in period for 2-years.  I subscribed to having free calls to Globe/TM numbers since most people I know are using Globe or TM.

One can actually use this unit to send and receive SMS but sending an SMS means additional fee per message.

7.  Signal for the Landline phone bundle is not that good.
Compared to my previous wired landline service, I would say the signal quality is not at par, in fact it is below my expectations.  I have experienced using both PLDT wireless landline and SunTel, and based from that I could say that I would rank Globe wireless landline as the lowest between the three.  

But since I can bring this one anywhere within my local area code, I wouldn't have to leave it at home when no one is there to answer and I can call Globe/TM for free, then it is worth it.

8.  I am hoping that after-sales service is good.  Nothing to report as it is since we haven't experienced any problem thus far.  I am using this service for almost 2 months now and hopefully I wouldn't need to call Globe for any problems.

Monday, January 6, 2014

SSS Maternity Benefit Claim

Finally, my nephew arrived after 9 weeks in great health and condition via natural birth.  He is one month now.  My sister, after getting my nephew's birth certificate, immediately send it to us to process her SSS Maternity Benefit. 

Note that if you're not able to inform or notify SSS beforehand that you are pregnant, your maternity benefits can be denied.  See article here to know how to notify SSS.

My sister also is living abroad as an overseas worker so my article is basically about being an OFW and getting your SSS Maternity Benefits.

Here are the steps that I took:

1.  Plan the best time to go to SSS but don't delay going there.  Knowing how busy SSS and all other government agencies every start of the year, I went to SSS last December 27 to submit the required documents for them to process her SSS Maternity Benefit.  I was not disappointed because there are fewer people in SSS Del Monte branch that day as compared to other days.  

2.  Make sure that you have the Maternity Benefit Claim Application (SSS Form MAT-2).  Check completeness, accuracy and consistency with SSS Form MAT-1 that you have submitted earlier.

3.  You also need to bring the SSS Form MAT-1 (Maternity Notification) which was stamped by SSS.

4.  SSS ID card is a must (I only had a photocopy of my sister's SSS ID)

5.  Bring Philippine Passport, just the photocopy (of course!)

6.  My nephew's Birth Certificate (authenticated by Philippine Embassy).  Bring the original and a photocopy of the Birth Certificate.  They will get the photocopy but need to see the original copy.

7.  You need also the Authorization Letter signed by the person getting her benefits.

8.  Wait for the SSS personnel to verify information online (i.e. contributions, notification etc.) and then wait for her to give you the Acknowledgement Stub that are stamped and signed by the SSS personnel.

1.  Every time you transact with SSS, bring your SSS ID and an extra ID issued by the government.
2.  If you are a representative, bring an ID issued by the government and the ID of the one you are representing.  Also, don't forget an authorization letter so that you won't have any problems.