Friday, August 30, 2013

Food Delivery (Dim Sum/Chinese) Around Quezon City

Chowking - 9-8888
Golden Chinese Food House & Catering Services - 361-5120, 365-1442, 363-1739
King Bee - 887-2784
Kowloon House - 372-3685
Ling Nam - 448-6232, 743-3388 (Banawe); 932-1388, 351-8801 (Commonwealth); 453-1588, 453-1988 (Congressional Avenue)
North Park - 7-3737
Shangri-La Finest Chinese Cuisine - 373-9888 to 90, 212-1212
Superbowl of China - 737-8888

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Essentials when you have a 2-year-old kid on a day out.

1.  Food - this include a day's milk supply and snacks.
2.  Water - for drinking and for milk
3.  Clothing - minimum of 2 sets of clothes.
4.  Diaper - minimum of 2 with each having their own plastic for disposal.
5.  Wipes and bib
6.  Fan
7.  Toys
8.  Utensils

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big-sized Pizza Delivery Around Metro Manila

1.  Big Guys Pizza:  584-6702, 655-8244 (Libis), 921-5791 (Visayas Avenue), 983-0770 (Novaliches)

2.  Calda:  726-7344 (N. Domingo), 421-0908 (Katipunan) 

3.  D & D's Pizza Express:  711-4247

4.  Di' Marks:  932-5888 or 932-7888 (Commonwealth), 376-2828 or 376-5858 (Tomas Morato)

5.  El Buono:  409-4588, 791-8647

6.  Jugno's:  387-0898, 466-1919, 408-0204 (Quezon City)

7.  Monster Pizza: 401-3355, 925-8977

8.  PizzaVille:  386-0000, 227-7665, 346-0845

Note:  I have indicated telephone numbers in Quezon City.  Telephone numbers of areas around Metro Manila maybe available.  Check their individual links and call them to check their locations.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Food Delivery (Lechon) Around Quezon City

1.  Elar'z Lechon:  721-0000
2.  Federico's Lechon:  586-1389, 546-1793, 411-7642
3.  Jiro's Lechon:  433-1621, 433-6298, 0918-5209455
4.  Lydia's Lechon:  939-1221, 851-2988, 939-4665
5.  Manong's Lechon:  703-2133, 0922-2819406
6.  Mila's Lechon:  788-7831, 502-9680, 0925-88-MILAS
7.  Ryan & Ryan's Lechon Baboy & Baka:  415-8609, 377-8034, 0917-4001344, 0939-3533897
8.  Sabroso Lechon:  515-8253, 515-8259, 357-0659

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Food Delivery (Cakes) Around Quezon City

1.  Cake2Go:  411-1371, 428-3657, 720-5985
2.  CherryBlossoms:  775-2200, 407-3008
3.  Chocolat:  355-9121 (Sgt. Esguerra), 928-9304 (Xavierville)
4.  Conti's Pastry Shop & Restaurant:  900-5013 (Trinoma), 646-3306 (Katipunan), 961-0866 Robinsons Magnolia  
5.  Gateau de Manille:  0917-833-8622, 437-8622
6.  Goldilocks:  888-1-999
7.  Kink Cakes:  345-3023, 475-7802
8.  Red Ribbon:  8-7777

Food Delivery (Pizza) Around Quezon City

1.  Angel's:  922-2222
2.  Carlo's:  332-4134
3.  Greenwich:  5-55-55
4.  Papa John's:  990-7272, 709-0217 (Visayas Avenue); 921-7764, 921-8423 (SM Fairview); 921-7272, 921-7590, 09275432998 (Tomas Morato); 921-8263, 921-8321, 09157919023 (SM North Edsa)
5.  Pizza Hut:  911-1111
6.  Sbarro:  920-7000 (SM North), 709-2442 (Eastwood)
7.  Shakey's:  77-777
8.  Yellow Cab:  789-9999

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Emergency Hotlines You Should Know

Last night my friend had an emergency and asked me to call for help.  Their house, which was near an electric post, lost electric power.  The electric post which was being maintained by Meralco sparked and something went wrong that my friend's house and almost the whole apartment where they are staying lost power.  It came to a point that they have to leave their home and the whole street was enveloped with a suffocating smell of burnt something.  Good thing that the firetruck, courtesy of their barangay, and their neighbors had the right frame of mind and helped by spraying fire extinguisher to the said electric post.

Back at home, I had to look for the emergency number of Meralco to help my friend.  Unfortunately, I had to dig into my directory and electric bill at home and did not have the correct and working number of Meralco.  I had to surf the net to finally able to get the Emergency Hotline of Meralco which was 16211.  I dialed their number and was answered by a machine telling me of their SMS Messaging hotlines 0920-9716211 for Smart and 0917-5516211 for Globe.  The machine also mentioned their Twitter.

I had the number, that was great but it took a while for me to send my message to their number because I was kind of shaking and I am not a "text" person.  In my mind, I was failing in this exercise, but this time it is real.  Anyway, Meralco answered back and that's good but again through text only asking me the scope of the effect, the name of the person registered with Meralco, the exact address and the account number.  What the ____?!  I mean, Meralco, can you please call me so that I can give you an immediate answer so that you can respond ASAP!  I was dialing their number but it just kept on ringing.  This was between 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Also, I am just helping my friend out, do you need to ask me immediately those questions?!  This is disappointing!  I understand if Meralco wants those information but can they please call me.  I then realized what will happen if I went through the same ordeal and I don't have that information on hand.  So guys, those of you who are reading this, please get these kinds of information on hand.

Here is a list of Emergency Numbers You Should Know (via landline).  Note:  Mostly Metro Manila, Quezon City numbers.

a).  Electric Power Hotline (Meralco Emergency Hotline:  16211, Meralco SMS Messaging Hotline 0920-9716211 for Smart and 0917-5516211 for Globe, Meralco Twitter)
b).  Manila Water Company: 1627
c).  Maynilad Water Services:  1626

a).  PLDT:  688-2700 (when using PLDT), 888-8171 (for non-PLDT users)
b).  Bayantel:  412-1212, 633-1111, 449-3000
c).  SMART:  888-1111
d).  Globe:  730-1000
e).  Sun Cellular:  395-8000

a).  Barangay Hotline (Quezon City)
b).  Fire Department:  117, Quezon City - 928-8363, 928-3074
c).  Bantay Bata:  163
d).  DSWD:  931-81-01 to 07,  951-7119  

a).  National Disaster and Risk Reduction & Management Council:  911-1406, 912-2665, 912-5668, 911-1843
b)  Bureau of Fire Protection (NC):  117, 729-5166, 410-6319
c)  Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) flood control:  136, 882-0925
d)  Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA):  433-8526
e)  PHIVOLCS:  Trunkline: (02) 426-1468 to 79, local 124/125 (emergency), Text/call: 0905-313-4077 (globe)
f).  DSWD:  931-81-01 to 07, local 426 (Disaster Response Unit)  

a).  Philippine National Police (PNP):  117 or send TXT PNP to 2920
b).  Non-Emergency Police Response  

a)  Red Cross:  143, 527-0000, 527-8385 to 95
b)  Ambulance Assistance:  117

a)  Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Metrobase:  Trunkline: 882-4150-77 loc. 337 (rescue), 255 (Metrobase), Metrobase: 882-0860, 136
b).  North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) hotlines:  3-5000 and 580-8910
c).  Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) hotlines:  (0920) 96-SCTEX (72839) (traffic hotline) or (045) 459-0522
d).  Skyway System Hotline:  776-7777, 0917-539-8762 (globe), 0999-888-0893 (smart), 0932-854-6980 (sun) 
e).  South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) hotline:  0917-6877539 (globe), (049) 508-7509, (02) 584-4389

a)  Philippine Coast Guard:  527-3877, 527-8481, 0917-724-3682 (globe), 0917-PCG-DOTC (globe)

Please leave a comment for non-working or inaccurate numbers.  Information here are subject to change without prior notice.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lost TESDA CARS (Competency Assessment Result Summary/Temporary Certificate

If you lost your TESDA C.A.R.S. (Competency Assessment Result Summary or your temporary certificate, you have to do the following:

1.  Contact your training center or school or assessment center where you had your NC or COC assessed and request from them a hard copy of RWAC (Registry of Workers Assessed and Certified)
2.  Prepare "Affidavit of Loss"
3.  Go to any TESDA Division Office.  See the link for TESDA QC Division Office.
4.  Submit the RWAC and the Affidavit of Loss.
5.  Bring 1 pc. picture (passport size, white background, neutral expression, with collar and the picture must be printed on a chemical-based photo paper)
6.  Your name will be called to pay the PhP 50 fee.
7.  You will be asked to wait for them to print your certificate and put your picture on it.
8.  Your name will be called for you to receive your National Certificate/Certificate of Competency along with the receipt of the PhP 50 fee.  They will ask you to sign their logbook as well.

Before leaving TESDA Division Office, make sure that the information in your National Certificate (NC) or Certificate of Competency (COC) is correct.