Monday, January 6, 2014

SSS Maternity Benefit Claim

Finally, my nephew arrived after 9 weeks in great health and condition via natural birth.  He is one month now.  My sister, after getting my nephew's birth certificate, immediately send it to us to process her SSS Maternity Benefit. 

Note that if you're not able to inform or notify SSS beforehand that you are pregnant, your maternity benefits can be denied.  See article here to know how to notify SSS.

My sister also is living abroad as an overseas worker so my article is basically about being an OFW and getting your SSS Maternity Benefits.

Here are the steps that I took:

1.  Plan the best time to go to SSS but don't delay going there.  Knowing how busy SSS and all other government agencies every start of the year, I went to SSS last December 27 to submit the required documents for them to process her SSS Maternity Benefit.  I was not disappointed because there are fewer people in SSS Del Monte branch that day as compared to other days.  

2.  Make sure that you have the Maternity Benefit Claim Application (SSS Form MAT-2).  Check completeness, accuracy and consistency with SSS Form MAT-1 that you have submitted earlier.

3.  You also need to bring the SSS Form MAT-1 (Maternity Notification) which was stamped by SSS.

4.  SSS ID card is a must (I only had a photocopy of my sister's SSS ID)

5.  Bring Philippine Passport, just the photocopy (of course!)

6.  My nephew's Birth Certificate (authenticated by Philippine Embassy).  Bring the original and a photocopy of the Birth Certificate.  They will get the photocopy but need to see the original copy.

7.  You need also the Authorization Letter signed by the person getting her benefits.

8.  Wait for the SSS personnel to verify information online (i.e. contributions, notification etc.) and then wait for her to give you the Acknowledgement Stub that are stamped and signed by the SSS personnel.

1.  Every time you transact with SSS, bring your SSS ID and an extra ID issued by the government.
2.  If you are a representative, bring an ID issued by the government and the ID of the one you are representing.  Also, don't forget an authorization letter so that you won't have any problems.


  1. can i take a look or a copy of authorization letter you made? pls... :(

  2. You can surf the net for sample authorization letter. Just a simple one would do.