Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Transfer BIR Registration (Individual) to a different BIR Regional District Office (RDO)

In the case of my doctor friend who works before in Manila and now has moved to Quezon City, she must update and transfer her BIR registration to the BIR RDO which has jurisdiction over her new business address.

To facilitate the transfer to the new BIR RDO, below is the checklist for TRANSFER PER REVENUE REGULATION NO. 5-2010).  Note that this checklist was given to her by a BIR RDO in Manila.

1.  Form 1905 and Annex A & B (Form for Transfer)
2.  Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (C.O.R.)
3.  Inventory of Unused Receipt
4   Transfer Commitment Form, duly notarized.
5.  Copy of Amended SEC/DTI Certificate (with the new address)
6.  Copy of proof of payment of Mayor's Permit from where the taxpayer is transferring his profession/business
7.  Barangay Clearance to operate in the new place where the business/practice of profession will be conducted.
8.  Board Resolution approving the transfer of business address (if applicable) or copy of lease contract executed for the new place of business (if applicable).

Please note that some forms can be found in the BIR website.

Please contact the nearest BIR in your place for inquiries and clarifications.


  1. Almost 6 months na po pero di ko padin nakukuha yung certificate ko, maeexpire po ba yung CARS ko? Kung maeexpire po, gaano katagal bago maexpire?

  2. Gaano po katagal bago maexpire yung CARS? O gaano po katagal ko pwedeng kunin yung certificate?

  3. where can i get transfer commitment form?