Thursday, October 10, 2013

Steps in getting NBI Clearance at Quezon City Hall

As part of the requirements in getting an occupational permit and in preparation for my passport renewal, I applied for an NBI clearance.  The nearest, most convenient and strategic place where I can get my NBI clearance is in Quezon City Hall.  It is specifically located at the front of the Red Cross Building near Kalayaan Avenue-side of Quezon City Hall Compound.

Here are the steps in getting NBI Clearance in Quezon City Hall:

1.  Documentation
Prepare/bring a photocopy of  a valid ID (i.e. Driver's License, SSS ID, passport etc.).  Give this to the person who is in charge of handing out the NBI Clearance Application Form.

There are photocopiers around so don't fret if you don't have a photocopy of your ID.  Of course make sure that you have your original ID on hand if in case you need to show it or have it photocopied.

2 and 3.  Payment & Filling-in of application form.
It depends what time you will go to the NBI Satellite Office in Quezon City Hall, if you would go there morning expect heavy crowd, but if you go there in the afternoon it is more likely that the number of people is significantly few.  Look for the right line and ask for the person in front of you if he/she is lining for payment.

While waiting for your turn to pay do multi-tasking and fill-in your application form.  Give accurate and complete information so that you will eliminate "hits" which may prevent you from getting your NBI clearance on that day.  Bring your black pen and make sure you write in "PRINT".

Payment for NBI Clearance varies depending on the purpose.  I paid PhP115 with the purpose of "travel" You will have 2 documents on hand at this point, your NBI Clearance application form and your Official Receipt

4.  Encoding
Here, your task is to make sure that the encoder correctly encodes/types your information on the computer.

You will hand in your NBI Clearance Application form and show the receipt but this will be given back to you after encoding.

5 and 6.  Biometric and photo.
You will be asked to have your photo taken and/or your fingerprints electronically be scanned.  Note that if you wear a sleeveless top you will not be allowed unless you have a long hair and you can wear it down to mask your being in sleeveless top.  An alternative is use or borrow blazer, a jacket or a pashmina scarf.

You will hand in your NBI Clearance Application form and show the receipt but this will be given back to you.

At this point you will be given instructions  if you need to come back at a certain date to have your NBI Clearance released (it means they need more time to sort out your information because you have "hit/s") or if you can proceed to the Printing and Releasing section.

7 and 8.  Printing and Releasing.  Submission of NBI Clearance Application form and Official Receipt.
You will wait for your turn for them to print your NBI Clearance.  They will get your application form and  shred the official receipt.  I don't know why they don't return the Official Receipt.

NBI Satellite office in Quezon City Hall is located across the Red Cross Building.
"Hit/s" is having a similar name who happens to have a pending criminal case or "you" have a pending criminal case.

General Observations and Recommendations
1.  It's hot in there.  For your protection bring water and fan.

Given the volume of people getting their NBI clearance, I hope that provisions for humidifiers or air coolers can be provided.  If not I hope that they would construct the covered area with a higher ceiling for air to flow more freely.

2.  The lines are long.  Bring a book or ask someone to fall in line for you for the next step.  Go there after lunch or around 2 pm.

I suggest a "number system" should be implemented.

Note: There is a new system of getting an NBI clearance starting 2014... will update in a new post the new system.  Thanks.


  1. hi, may kota ba sila sa QC hall? like dun sa Robinsons Novaliches, 300 persons lang inaaccomodate nila per day kaya kailangan 3am palang nakapila ka na sa labas ng mall.

    1. I think may quota pa rin in Quezon City kasi they assign numbers in the application form but I guess it is more than 500. When I got there around 7:50 am my number was 200+ na. I left to process my occupational permit and health card and came back around past 9:30 am while waiting for the results of my lab test. I saw people there and their number was 500+ na. I even saw people coming in the afternoon and still was accommodated.

    2. thanks! buti na lang nabasa ko to.. :))

  2. Makkuha ba agad ang nbi nyan? Ndi na ba kelangan bumalik? Bulacan pa kc ako pero kelangan ko kumuha ng nbi jan sa qc pra sa mayors permit at health card.

    1. Depende po sa dami ng tao at kung may "hits" po ang name ninyo if makukuha agad ang nbi. Kung wala naman pong problem you can get it on the same day. I suggest you get an nbi clearance near your place, anyway it is honored nationwide even if you have to get your mayor's permit and health card here in Quezon City. Thanks.

  3. is the new process of NBI was way faster. if i get there at 2:30 in the afternoon can i still renew my NBI clearance

    1. If in Quezon City hall, I'm not sure if that's possible. My friend told me that it's faster to get NBI clearance at NBI Taft and they can accommodate applicants until 9 p.m.

  4. pano pag walang valid id? pwedeng birth certificate?

    1. Basta po NSO authenticated ang birth certificate. Pero kulang pa rin po ng isang valid ID, according to the requirement is any two (2) of the following valid Identification Cards:
      Valid passport
      Voter’s ID
      Driver’s License
      PRC License
      SSS ID
      Postal ID
      School ID
      TIN ID
      Philhealth ID
      Authenticated Birth Certificate
      Alien Cert of Registration
      Senior Citizen
      Previous Copy of NBI Clearance

  5. We Give only 600 Forms so make sure po na makakuha kayo.

    For online Applicant . Xerox your VALID ID, Make sure that your data is CORRECT para po di kayo maabala


    Ang nilalagay po ay ang MAIDEN name so

    LastName , FirstName, Middle Name

    I am an OJT at NBI Quezon City

    1. If online applicant, Ok lang ba na pumunta kahit hindi pa yung date of appointment mo? Naka lagay kasi sakin is Wednesday pa but i wanted to go ng monday. para mas maaga. Thanks!

    2. You could try but you may not be a priority if there are many people who have made the appointment that day.

  6. I went to get my nbi clearance at QC hall yesterday. Arrived at 5am, there were already 200 to 250 people lined up. The venue is nearer Kalayaan avenue. It's a long walk if you enter via East Avenue.

    They have a separate line for those who have registered online. It's ok if you don't have a print out as long as you have the registration number. I wasn't able to register online because the system keeps asking for my husband's surname even though I already typed it. Hope NBI can fix this soon.

    They also have a courtesy line for seniors, pregnant, disabled and govt employees. If you belong to this group, you can go there at 830am. No need to go there too early since they'll give you priority.

    They had a quota of 300 for walk-ins and a quota of 500 for those with online registration. When they see that they've reached their walk-in quota, they will advise you to go to the nearest internet cafe, register online and come back afterwards.

    The queuing system at city hall was chaotic. Different people giving different instructions. If they had a numbering system, it would be more organized.

    1. Thanks for the information. I hope that NBI would also experience what we are experiencing getting their clearances so that they could fix the problem.

    2. Ngayon po ba pwede parin kumuha Ng nbi clearance kahit walk in LNG ..i mean Hindi nkapag register via online

    3. Hi i Good morning try to apply nbi but I don't have valid id?

  7. pwede ba mag fill up dun ng form instead of galing sa website kasi wala naman cam ang comp ko

  8. Pwd po bng police clearance at voters id sa pagkuha ng nbi

    1. I think it's considered as valid IDs.

  9. Hi!

    I'm trying to apply for the NBI clearance online, and may I ask kung sa NBI Main/Taft lang ba ginagawa yung fingerprinting and picture-taking? Or kahit saang branch for as long as you have the reference number? Thank you.

  10. if nag apply po sa nbi pangasinan at ang pick up date ay feb 16, puede po ba pick upin ang nbi clearance sa quezon city hall nbi satellite? thank you

  11. if nag apply po sa nbi pangasinan at ang pick up date ay feb 16, puede po ba pick upin ang nbi clearance sa quezon city hall nbi satellite? thank you

  12. if nag apply po sa nbi pangasinan at ang pick up date ay feb 16, puede po ba pick upin ang nbi clearance sa quezon city hall nbi satellite? thank you

  13. Pano po pag wala pa nso bc nag process kase wrong spelling apilido ko at isa lang id ko school id makakakuha po ba ako ng nbi salamat po .. Need po kase work po ako service crew

  14. Gdday..ngonline nq for pyment n lng question is..if nk pgbyad n ako then ang sched pick up q sa qc hall..what if qng hndi ko sya mkuha dto o mpunthan,pede ko po ba sya kunin sa ibang branch n via satellite online like sa robinson nova..kung dto ko po np sched s qchall?TIA