Monday, June 15, 2015

Erroneous NC/COC Requirements

So you had your NC Assessment and you received a "Competent" rating. Congratulations!  You went to the courier service that process TESDA certificates.  You chose to pick-up the certificate. When you finally got your certificate the spelling of your name was incorrect. What do you do?

Go to TESDA District Office that governs the Assessment Center where you had your exam so that TESDA can check/investigate where the error took place (was the error committed by TESDA, the Assessment Center, or it was you who made a mistake).  If the error was committed by the Assessment Center then TESDA will give you this checklist for your certificate to be corrected.

1.  Request letter from candidate. (Stating your intent.  Address it to TESDA)
2.  Original NC/COC (The erroneous certificate that you got)
3.  Letter for Assessment Center Manager (from TESDA, received by the Assessment Center)
4.  Picture (1 passport size, white background, with collar)
5.  Birth Certificate/Passport/Affidavit of Discrepancy
6.  Corrected RWAC from Assessment Center (Signed RWAC with the corrected name of the candidate only)
7.  Erroneous Fee (PhP 100)
8.  Go to the Assessment Center where you had your exam and they would gladly help you out with some of the items listed above (Items 3, 6).  They can also process the correction if you can provide them the items listed above (Items 1, 2, 4, 5)

If the error was committed by the Assessment Center, it is but just that the Assessment Center pay the Erroneous fee.  Check with Assessment Center their policy regarding this.  Note that it could also take time.  Also, this does not guarantee that the Assessment Center will pay the erroneous fee.

If however, the error was committed by the student/candidate, it is but just that the Erroneous Fee be paid by student/candidate.

Note:  The above is subject to change without prior notice.  Please always check with TESDA if it applies to you.  Information provided is for informational purposes only.

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  1. sir paano po kung nawala po yung CARS paano po makukuha yung certificate.