Monday, June 3, 2013

8 Power Saving Tips That You Can Do Today

Every month each household receives a billing statement from the electric company.  Each month we cringe, tremble and pray that this month's electric bill will be lower than last month.  We feel agitated with every  price increase and feel the weight of the world upon us each time we pay the electric bill.  Sometimes, we even totally ignore each due date and wait for the last notice before taking a look at what we ought to pay.

Electricity is a basic need and we should use it wisely to lower our costs and help save the environment.  There are things we can do now to save our consumption of energy at home.  Here are some useful power saving tips:

1.  Television
a.  If you have 2 or more televisions at home and you're watching the same channel anyway, why not just watch it in one television.  Not only do you enjoy the program that you are watching, you also get to enjoy watching it with your family.
b.  If you are watching TV and at the same time surfing the net, chatting with other people or doing other things all at the same time, why not turn off your television and focus with only one task.  In that way you get to finish what you're doing or you get to fully enjoy and understand what you are watching and at the same time you're conserving energy.
c.  Unplug your television when not in use, don't just turn it off using your remote.  If you only turn off your television using the remote control, there is still a trickle of electricity being used there.  Before you turn off your TV, lower the volume so that when you turn it back on, the surge of power in using the appliance is minimal.

2. Refrigerator
a.  Open only the refrigerator when needed and not often enough so as not to let the cool air escape maintaining the temperature.  Check if there are leaks and if the door is not properly shut tight.
b.  Defrost periodically to maintain its operating efficiency.  If the ice is too thick inside the freezer, it's usually time to defrost your refrigerator.

3. Washing Machine
Wash clothes in bulk to save both energy and water consumption.

4. Mobile Phones - Prolong battery life so as not to recharge every now and then.
a.  Turn off WIFI when not in use.
b.  Lower your backlight or display brightness
c.  Beware of allowing location or GPS request
d.  Manage power and avoid hungry applications.
e.  Remove unnecessary notifications
f.  Set screen timeout to the shortest length
g,  Turn off the vibration function
i.  Install power management application

5.  Aircons
a.  Only use aircon when necessary, use fans instead of aircon.
b.  Clean air filters every three months.  If you can learn to do it yourself, the better.

6.  Lighting
a.  Use CFLs.
b.  Turn it off when not in use.

7.  Computer
a.  Limit usage of your computer.
b.  Schedule the use of your computer.  Limit your daily use or monitor your usage.  If you constantly chat, check e-mails or communicate via social networking sites, try to limit it or schedule such usages, in that way you will be able to prioritize and minimize usage.

8.  Iron.   Iron clothes in bulk to save energy.

Can you add some more helpful tips to save energy?

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