Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Replacing Lost or Stolen PLDT Landline Plus Sim

If you lost or your PLDT Landline Plus Sim got stolen (with your phone, of course) here's what you should do to have it replaced:

1.  Call PLDT - 688-2700 (when using PLDT) or 888-8171 (for non-PLDT users).

Request to disconnect your PLDT Landline Plus sim until you have your replacement sim.  

If your PLDT Landline Plus sim is under the two-year lock-in period, you will not be able to disconnect because it will reset the lock-in period.  In such case, better to just head to your nearest PLDT business center to have it replaced ASAP.  Check and ask PLDT customer service to disable your PLDT Landline Plus account to call national, international and mobile numbers.  If the lock-in period is not an issue, then go ahead and request for a temporary disconnection.

By the way, calls are answered during office hours which is a disappointment really. 

2.  Get an affidavit of loss.  I'm not sure if this is required if you are the account holder, but since I am using the PLDT Landline Plus sim connected to the PLDT landline of a relative, I have to get one.  

3.  Bring your ID.  

4.  If you are a representative, bring your ID along with the ID of the account holder (optional).

5.  Provide an Authorization Letter (optional).

Check the signature, it should be the same signature used in the ID of the account holder.

6.  Head to your nearest PLDT Business Center.  Get your number and wait for your turn.

Check the PLDT Website or ask PLDT Customer Service where is the nearest PLDT Business Center near you.

7.  Submit the requirements to the PLDT Customer Service Representative.  Be ready to pay P100 for the PLDT Landline Plus sim card replacement or it can be billed on the next billing cycle.

8.  Wait within 24 hours for your PLDT Landline Plus sim card activation.

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