Thursday, September 18, 2014

Service at Samsung Care SM North Edsa

My Aunt was desperate, she's been hounding every person on her Facebook that she's having a problem with her Samsung tablet.  I tinkered with it extensively, tried to update the software, deleted and downloaded apps, reset the tablet via hard and soft reset but nothing seemed to work. Her Samsung tablet kept on getting this 110 error.  I searched the web for possible solutions but nothing worked.  There was no choice but to bring it to the Samsung Care at SM North Edsa.

Coming from my experience with Cherry Mobile's after sales service, I can't help but compare the two in my head.  Regardless of such, here are my observations.

1.  The line queue is organized at Samsung Care. There is a separate queue for claiming, repair and priority (senior/PWD).  It is computerized.  You can view from the screens what number is being served to what counter and the remaining people waiting in line.  You'll get the idea of how many are still waiting. My aunt is in her senior years that's why it took just a small amount of waiting time.

2.  All customer service counters are open and seamlessly handling customers, whether they are for repair or just waiting to claim their repaired phones and tablets.

3.  The prices of their services are pasted on each of the counter so you'll immediately have an idea what you're going to pay for basic services.  Of course prices may go up depending on the diagnosis or if parts will be needed.  If under warranty, I guess it should be free unless they void the warranty.  My aunt's Samsung tablet was a gift and was not bought here in the Philippines, plus it's more than a year so we expected to pay for the services.

4.  The representative who handled our concern was courteous and pleasant.  I was the one who explained to her the error that kept popping up in my aunt's tablet.  She immediately recognized the problem, a corrupted software, to be exact a corrupt Android software.  She explained to us that it could have been due to the upgrade of the Android system or because we may have downloaded a software from the store and something happened along the way that it caused the corruption of the whole system.

5.  Three days, after three days we can get the tablet.  I think that's fast enough for me.  They told me that they will either text or call my aunt to pick-up the tablet.  I went there on the third day even before they could send a message that it was ready for pick up.  My aunt gave me her authorization letter and ID for me to pick it up, and together with my own government issued ID, and of course the payment, I was able to get her tablet from Samsung Care.

6.  I went to Samsung Care SM North to get my Aunt's tablet  past their cut-off time but since I need it because my mom is leaving early the next day to give it to my Aunt, I still went inside and asked if they would consider giving me the tablet if it's done.  Since I was just a few minutes late, they accommodated me.  For me that was really a very good service.

7.  The initial person who took time to look if my Aunt's tablet was ready for pick-up did it with ease, they know where to look and they seemed to track everything.  It took such a short time for her to locate the tablet.  She answered my question and lead me to the right person who's in-charge of releasing the tablet.

8.  When I was handed the tablet, the customer representative didn't let me leave until I was able to log in, use the internet, and successfully downloaded an application.  They let me access their wifi connection and while waiting he was kind enough to talk to me and answer questions about tablet overheating, etc. It took awhile to download an app but the customer representative didn't act as if I'm wasting his time or anything.

Overall, the Samsung Service at SM North Edsa is impressive. I wouldn't have doubts leaving them my gadget if I have a Samsung.  Their customer service is more than what I had expected. Thanks.

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