Sunday, March 23, 2014

Computer Stores in SM Cyberzone with websites (Metro Manila)

Here is a list of online computer stores that I frequently visit before buying computer and techie stuffs.  One should arm oneself before going out there and buying computer stuffs that are "on sale".  Make sure that you do some research.  It is better that you know the current market price of computer items to help you find "real deals" and not lure you to buying because of some marketing hype.  Of course, bear in mind that there are many considerations in buying a certain item from a certain computer store.  My objective is to help you see what's out there to assist you in making decisions in buying computer stuffs.

SM Cyberzone Stores:
1.  Accent Micro/PC Live
2.  Compex
3.  Complink
4.  Electroworld
5.  Octagon 
6.  PC Express
7.  PC Gilmore
8.  Villman


  1. where can i buy Mini8 instax (package P3,999,includes camera,film,picture frame etc.) in stores in Cyberzone sm centerpoint sta.mesa,please reply.Thanks :)
    * i need color black mini 8

  2. Just saw one in Landmark, Trinoma.

  3. Is there any stall in cyberzone that i can sell my laptop