Friday, March 21, 2014

Restaurant Review: 1st Colonial Grill

The 1st Colonial Grill in Legazpi, Albay is best known for their Sili Ice Cream.  The restaurant has been reviewed countless times by bloggers, tourists and even visited by television shows.  So when in Legazpi, Albay; it is a default for us to visit and experience dining at 1st Colonial Grill.

Some notes:

1.  We ate at 1st Colonial Grill's branch along Rizal St., Daraga Albay.  Even if it's not inside the mall, the restaurant was full of people that were lining up for a table.  If you're going to include going to 1st Colonial Grill in your itinerary, I suggest you allot more than enough time.

2.  This is not a fast food restaurant so don't expect your food to be served in the shortest possible time.  Our food was served within our expectations and we're not in a hurry or that hungry so it was not a big of a deal for us.

3.  According to them, their best seller among the list of Busog Sulit meals (with Tinapa Rice) is Garlicky Adobo.  Truly enough it's one heavy and delicious meal, some of us did not even requested rice refills.

4.  It was a first for us to taste the Sili ice cream or Chili ice cream.  At first the chili was overwhelming but the punch of the sili fizzled out just as fast.  I took one spoon after another.  It was a wonderful and a unique experience.  Overall the ice cream was very creamy with a punch.

5.  When in 1st Colonial Grill, one must try their Tinutong Ice Cream.  It is plain heaven, so creamy and delicious.  My son did not even share his ice cream.  I don't know about the other flavors but this one was recommended to us and we were not sorry that we tried it.

6.  The modern design of the restaurant gives an ambiance of a place that's nice for family bonding.  Friends would enjoy staying here for good food and nice conversation.

7.  The staffs and crews are very much accommodating and they make sure that we have whatever we need.  They also know their products very well.  The place is very clean and well maintained.

8.  If I would visit Bicol again, I would definitely go back to 1st Colonial Grill and try their other specialties.

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