Thursday, March 6, 2014

Restaurant Review: Small Talk Cafe (Legazpi, Albay)

We've met a Chinese gal who roamed around Legazpi City with us.  She told us that she heard about this famous pizza in Legazpi and so we asked the staff from Legazpi Tourist Inn what's this famous pizza.  The staff told us it's the one served by Small Talk Cafe.  And so we went.... dinner time... it was a Sunday...

Here are the things I took note of:

1.  Small Talk Cafe is full even on a Sunday night.  The waiter asked us if we made prior reservations because the restaurant is packed.  Luckily we didn't have to wait long or was rejected because a group was about to leave.  So guys, if you're going to visit try calling them first to reserve seats for you.( Tel:  052-4801393).

2.  Try Small Talk Cafe's combination pizza so you can try other pizza flavor in one order.  We tried their famous Bicolano and Bianco e Verde Pizza and we were not disappointed.  The crust is thin and we were able to enjoy its rich taste.

3.  Their pasta order is good for one serving.  We ordered Small Talk Cafe's delicious pinangat/laing pasta.  It was creamy, tasty and flavorful.  We want to try their other famous pasta but we were told it is not available.  We also tried ordering pili-based desserts but were not also available that time.  Try their other pasta I don't think you would be disappointed.

4.  It took awhile for them to serve the food, we thought maybe it's because the restaurant is packed.  We noticed that it took awhile for the other tables to get their food as well.  So if you plan to put Small Talk Cafe in your itinerary make sure you allot a longer time here than necessary or maybe you could call them and make an advance order.

5.  The place is really cozy and homey.  It is also well-maintained and very clean.  Modern infused with tradition.  You can bring friends or tourists here.  The history of this place brings back memories of the olden days and you can definitely feel the heart of something "pinoy" here.  Makes one feel proud of our heritage.

6.  There are different ways getting to Small Talk Cafe, one is via the jeepney and another via tricycle.  We rode the tricycle from Legazpi Tourist Inn and the driver asked us to pay PhP150 in which he would wait for us and drive us back to the hotel.  I know it would seemed like a pricey ride but since we had a kid with us and it is night time we thought it would just be like paying additional for our own safety and as our way of helping our own kababayan.

7.  The crowd varies at Small Talk Cafe.  Some came with friends.  Some came with their families.  Some even came with office associates.  Some tourists are also dining here.

8.  The tricycle driver told us that Small Talk Cafe paved the way for other cafes to be built in the area.  They used to be just a small family-owned cafe serving only few people but has grown tremendously due to good food and service.   

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